Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Emotional Well-Being

Updated January 13, 2022

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Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Emotional Well-Being essay

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Over the years there has been a debate on whether cosmetic surgery can not only change the persons appearance but change the persons emotional well-being. Self-esteem plays a huge role in our society and there have been studies done to see if getting something physically done on the outside can change the way the person feels about themselves on the inside. According to author Dennis Relojo of “Does Plastic Surgery Improve Emotional Well-Being” states that studies shows that cosmetic surgery can contribute to emotional well-being, if there is a healthy attitude towards it. (Relojo, 2018)

Cosmetic surgery has become more of a trend and the more celebrities and loved ones do it the more people think that their image must change as well. The expectation some people have of cosmetic surgery is when a patient gets a surgery done, they tend to have a different look in mind. When they end up seeing the end results and it is not what they had in mind, they are let down. Patients who think of the cosmetic surgery of just a generalized surgery that is going to enhance their appearance but not fully change every aspect of their looks they turn out to have the most emotional benefit. (Relojo, 2018)

Patients must go in with a positive attitude and expect nothing too extreme or they will be let down and their emotional well-being will not be altered. “It only goes to underline that a patient’s attitude toward the procedure, namely, a healthy approach, can bring them great emotional benefit”. (Relojo, 2018, para. 8) This proves that the patient must go in with a positive approach and not think to much about what they want fixed or changed. This will help them achieve the maximum positive results of the cosmetic surgery which will result in a raised emotional well-being.

When using paraphrasing you state the meaning behind what the author was saying without eliminating any important information and still giving credit to the author. When using a quote, you are stating word for word on what you pulled from a source and giving all credit to the author. I ensured that both were not plagiarized because when I paraphrased, I used my own words and when I used the quote, I stated each word that was said and used quotation marks. Of course, citing my information in APA format.

The quote I used in this discussion was helpful in my argument against how cosmetic surgery can change someone’s emotional well-being. I personally like to use paraphrasing. Sometimes the source that you are using has too much information for what you are trying to get across. I do use quotes a lot, but paraphrasing helps me put my information out there without using unnecessary information.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Emotional Well-Being essay

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