Blending of Different Cultures

Updated January 13, 2022

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Blending of Different Cultures essay

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Culture can be described as the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people. It includes language, religion, food, social habits, institutions like school, music and arts. Many cultures depend on religion, some would say religion is the biggest factor that shows the difference in cultures. Today there are more than 5,000 cultures in the world and roughly 4,200 religions, with the biggest being christianity. The mixing of cultures is a wonderful thing many, the idea of many different people coming together and getting along as one is the very basis of America, while this can be a good thing it can also be bad.

The containment of many cultures in one area is a good thing altogether, it’s the outcome of it that could be bad. Some people could get along perfectly fine, but many also can’t. Sometimes if people don’t think alike or have anything in common then they just can’t get along and its best to have them separated. A good outcome of bringing different cultures together are the Pilgrims and the Colonist, because the Pilgrims helped us we were able to come together and not only did we get along we created a new Holiday Thanksgiving. A bad outcome could be North and South Korea, since the original Korea had two opposing sides they split and are at war, which is why the split was necessary.

Cultural Convergence is the coming together of different cultures because of certain similar traits, which can also lead to an entirely new culture. An example of Convergence is food, around the world you can find many similar foods and restaurants; Taco’s, McDonald’s, Pizza, Fries, Burgers, Fried Rice, Ice Cream, etc. A good part of Cultural Convergence is more peace, war usually is generated from people not being or thinking alike mainly people have an opposition to something others may favor. WWll occured because Hitler thought Jews weren’t perfect while other countries and America wanted to protect the Jews and themselves. By bringing more people together we could avoid a lot of conflict that occurs from them being apart.

But, bringing people together can also be bad, sometimes people just can’t get along. Not every time will bringing people together will get them to see the light of the others culture. Many may come together in a certain area but still be separate of each other, sometimes people start off as one and overtime because they begin to think differently separate this is known as Cultural Divergence. Cultural Divergence leads to exactly what Cultural Convergence helps to avoid, war, arguments, the disruption of peace, strong grudges over long periods of time.

A huge example of Cultural Divergence are the Amish, while everyone in today’s society are evolving and using technology and many new resources the Amish stick to old time ways. The Amish separate themselves from present day culture and live and work on farms, they use old farming techniques, old clothing, and older ways of transportation. When people don’t get along and have their own beliefs and opinions they believe everyone else to feel that way and if others don’t they may try to force their beliefs on them, which could lead to the disagreeing people to join or put up a fight.

Cultures are what make up the world, cultures help us define ourselves and make us unique in many ways. A good part about this if other cultures understand what’s good about our and want to be unique like us too then it creates more friendships. Once again the basis of America is a blend of cultures coming together and forming one, it’s what makes America both successful and special. Blendings of cultures create unusual societies that often turn out to be something completely different and efficient in its own way.

Blending of Different Cultures essay

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