Benefits of Work in Team

  • Updated June 25, 2021
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Teamwork is a concept that contains in itself the cohesion, the union and the transformation of an organization, is synonymous with productivity, competitiveness and achievement of objectives, based mainly on the need for continuous improvement and changes that are given within the organizational structures to fulfill the mission and vision established and that allows to guide the behavior of individuals in order to achieve the highest quality and productivity.

Organizations currently present disorganized, low-motivation teams and do not consider personal goals to align them with business objectives, preventing the achievement of the objectives set out. Not only should internal factors be analyzed, but external and global changes that affect organizations should be evaluated. Other components that must be taken into account internally are the values, ideas, forms of communication and doing things, which can become complex bonds of coexistence, because not all individuals work in the same way or at the same pace that can cause targets to be not met or carried out at other times when they were set in the planning process, as well as generate staff wear and tear causing demotivation, poor performance and high staff turnover rates , hence, it is important to identify clearly what the skills and abilities of each member are in order to take advantage of these skills and thus assign the different tasks and tasks within a working group achieving the optimization of time and productivity.

As previously mentioned, external factors have a direct influence on globalization that has caused global trends to be constantly changing, for this reason leaders must be prepared to have broader projections preventing companies from being negatively affected and it is here that the importance of regular teamwork is evident allowing to be more productive and innovative.

Teams are currently focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness in an organization, being a technique that is being widely introduced in all sectors. A team is a well-integrated group that works towards a well-defined goal.

In today’s organizations, teamwork must have a quantitative and qualitative benefit, the result of synergistic work (one plus one is not equal to two), facilitating the achievement of goals and the process of productivity itself.

This work should be a daily practice, systematized and well-structured in the organization, having that the results obtained will be optimal in time, resulting in the satisfaction of our internal and external customers, creating a work environment established impact on the mood of the members of the organization, establishing adequate social relationships and with clear and effective communication channels. An important feature of teamwork is to establish spaces of creativity and innovation, which allows the active and dynamic participation of people, implementing a work environment of mutual listening, without taking into account the hierarchical levels, but by valuing without distinction all opinions, aimed at the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization.

Teamwork is a tool where you can get to know the skills, limitations, ways of thinking and facing different situations, for each of those that make up the team and this is based on tolerance for difference, respect , coexistence, allowing to make the most of each of the ideas that would not individually have an impact on companies.

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