Benefits of Online Education

Updated May 27, 2021

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Benefits of Online Education essay

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The average student has many responsibilities that he needs to complete day-to-day. Most often it is a struggle to be able to find a balance for school, family, work, friends and so many more obligations. When given the opportunity for online school, it is like a breath of fresh air because it feels like you can complete those obligations at your own place. I believe that online education better prepares a student for their future by offering the student opportunities made specifically for their own pace and purpose.

Students, time and time again, dread going to school because they simply cannot find the balance. The student is often left behind the whole class because he or she doesn’t understand or they end up moving way ahead and is left waiting for the rest of class. Online school gives the student the amazing opportunity to move at his or her own pace. This allows them to either move ahead and finish their studies in a faster environment or to take their time on the class. This also gives the student the chance to have one-on-one time with their teacher, which is essential when it comes to learning. Whilst, in the classroom setting, the student doesn’t always get the opportunity to have time with just the teacher.

The classroom setting might be stressful for a student which might cause an indent in their learning ability and eventually their grades.The classroom setting has numerous distractions. Especially in High School, where the focus is often in socializing and fitting in with the crowd. Unlike the usual classroom setting, the online classroom is oftentimes in the comfort of your own home. Away from the disruptive students or drama. Which gives the student the ability to candidly focus on their school work.

The most convenient aspect of online school is that it works to your own schedule. With all the stresses that comes with being a teenager in high school, and trying to balance school, family, friends and at times work. Life gets hard. With the online class, more options are made available to you which gives us the opportunity to succeed. The online class gives us the possibility to fit study hours into our own schedule. While in a classroom setting, you are required to be in class for a certain amount of time.

Overall, The advantages of online classroom setting definitely outweigh the disadvantages of a classroom setting. In my opinion, the online classroom setting gives the opportunity for success. Not only is the online classroom very flexible, but it is also very understanding of what your family situation or work situation is. Online classroom gives you the wonderful opportunity to work towards your diploma at your own pace, in your own environment and for your own schedule.

Benefits of Online Education essay

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