Beauty First and Businesses in the Health and Wellness Spa Industry

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Description of the Company and Business

In 2012, Nazia Surti started Beauty first in Burlington Mall. Not long after, the company has opened into full-service spas across Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. Beauty First is a public company and it is in the Health and Wellness Spa industry.

Beauty First provides a selection of services which included eyebrow threading/waxing, facial, body waxing, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, and facial treatments. New services have recently been added like eyelash extensions and body treatments.

Beauty First also sells extensive professional make-up and skin care products from their client’s most loved products.

Beauty First’s clientele is women of all ages to help them pamper and make them appear and consider themselves beautiful. A visit to Beauty First spa provides an exceptional possibility to differentiate oneself from life’s daily pressures and have some valuable time to themselves. Granting themselves time to decompress and rest has so many advantages like a strong mentality and mass production once you finish with your treatment. Numerous spa services can literally assist with anti-aging. It can be hard to relax on a day-to-day basis but giving oneself some time to do so at Beauty First can be extremely beneficial. Massages fully ease your muscles and lower your blood pressure. Facial can help with skin problems and if your face is feeling especially dry so that you can have a bright and radiant face.

Industry Analysis

Businesses in the Health and Wellness Spa industry provide spa treatments, such as massages, facials, and body treatments. The industry comprises day spas, spa resorts, hotel spas, etc.

Companies in the Health and Wellness Spa industry directly challenge each other in the same industry. The nearer these spas are located, the higher the likelihood for immediate rivalry. There are several factors that generally influence a consumer’s spa choice. These factors are location, price, program emphasis, facilities, and structure.

The Health and Wellness Spa industry globally progress forward depending on the needs and wants of their consumer. The amount of spas accessible is increasing beyond all segments from destination to day spas. According to Dagmar White “Leading Spas is seeing an increase in specialty or niche spas, home-based spa businesses and Nordic types spas and baths”. This is because the chaotic steps of current life may expand the call for wellness service and relaxation. It is a place where people can detach from the chaos of daily life, enjoy quiet time, and find a sense of balance. As the graph shows since 2015 in most cases, the money made in the health and wellness spa industry globally has increased meaning the economic outlook is growing and will continue to grow.

The environmental forces that would affect future businesses are:

  • Economic – The health and wellness spa industry is normally deemed to have lavish products; therefore, when there is an economic decline, the quantity of consumers is probably doing to decrease. When people have less available wages due to high inflation levels, they will be less inclined to spend money on luxuries.
  • Social-cultural – In the case of socio-cultural force, the health and wellness spa industry is doing extremely well. With the increasing number of young women in the workforce, there is a growing request for health spa facilities. There is an increasing request from senior citizens for health spa treatments and a growing capacity to be able to pay for such treatments.
  • Technological – Technology required for the health spa industry is big so there is an increasing necessity for health spas to make sure not only that they have the newest technology, but that the employees are trained to use such equipment.

Marketing Mix


Beauty First identifies benefits and terms of use on labels of all products. They also offer high-quality products and standardize services. They keep products and equipment’s in good condition and all equipment have a user manual. They also provide a good sense of smell while serving customers. They also use light music for customers’ relaxation. Beauty First provides basic spa services like body massage, body and foot scrub, and face mask. They also have well-trained employees. They also have a service manual.


Beauty First considers the cost of products used in spa operation and the prices are listed on the menu. They also have prices that match up with competitors. They also add a profit margin to the product costs.


Beauty First has various distribution channels, such as shops and websites and they also provide a rest area in the spa shop.


Beauty First offers product and service testing. They also build brand recognition through online advertisements. They also build brand awareness through private organizations or by government agencies.

The Ethic and Corporate Social Responsibility

The burdened for the health and wellness of people that does not tangle up with sales can be seen as a positive image for Beauty First. The employees treat their co-workers and clients with dignity and respect. Beauty first will try to keep their customers happy, respond to their needs and desires. They also emphasize the customer’s privacy and maintaining their confidence. They also conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and respect from the owner, to management to employees. They use products that are safe and products that customers know about and all their products are labeled for customers’ knowledge. These ethics and social responsibilities help keep Beauty first’s business a success and help keep their image in the community a positive one with more clients.

SWOT Analysis



  • Distribute wellness therapies for customers who search for beneficial beauty care and massages.
  • Provides numerous various types of services such as heated stone massage, deep tissue treatments, an assortment of facials and body lotions and oils, forms of hydration therapies, and aromatherapy.
  • The ambiance is a great one.


  • The value of producing excellent services, which incorporate all the equipment like the creams, oils, massage tables, and supplies including the gloves, robes, towels, and slippers.
  • Numerous people see a spa as costly and that they cannot afford or can only be splashed out on momentous events, meaning the consumers might be narrow, particularly as the business is just starting off.
  • the employment of knowledgeable wellness experts is a high-priced job and can harm profits.


  • An economic reversal can largely influence the achievement of this type of business.
  • As the number of customers grows, an intelligent owner can extend the kinds of services available.
  • Networking is one more opportunity for the spa business to extend to other businesses to offer lower prices to managements who can bring in bunches of customers.
  • Merchandising the products, used for different services provides a profit-making possibility as well.


  • A chance that the business might not be able to come across or provide capable employees licensed in the services you intend to give.
  • even with certified workers, complaints from clients in connection with a number of products applied, problems during treatment, and claims of ill-mannered actions from employees.
  • Risk of lawsuits from clients who encounter a reaction to chemical other mishaps that might occur at the establishment.


Starting a company has its strong characteristics and its uncertainties. This is especially true of a top-notch spa company. These are the internal and external factors that can benefit or restrict a business. Beauty First has some key advantages that can influence customers, like how they provide various types of services and how they priorities the wellbeing of their customers. On the contrary, they also have some shortcomings that they need to address like the cost of managing a company, they would need to have some finances available and could need some assistance. But on the bright side, there are opportunities for them to grow the business and get more clients by networking and marketing themselves as a company that cares more about customers’ wellbeing than money. There are also high risks that need to be considered like if the client is not happy then the company’s image will be at risk.


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