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This study has been designed to analyses the Effects of Pakistani Modern Drama on Youth of Lahore district .Researcher want to investigate the effects of Pakistani dramas on our life. Media has very powerful medium and has the energy to build the opinion on human . According to Stanley j. Baran (2004), said that media is saturating our everyday lives that we are frequently unconscious in their presence, now not to reveal their have an effect on.

Media primary function is to inform, entertain and educate us. Media are the represents an important mechanism role for peoples of different social, cultural and tribal groups to learn about each other. People always wants to know how about what media give messages are more influencing to people by bringing about an ordinary change in their values, norms and culture.

Nowadays media have become a part of our life. So Now it is difficult to find a single house without television. Television is help for people to aware about the new information. Dramas are the main source to provide the entrainment on Television. It also educates and motivates and give knowledge about new trends. Now TV dramas are the one of biggest source to provide and also enhancing the cultural values and norms.

In any country media has its significant role to play so in the countries of success or failure. it can help the country to achieve and reach their objectives and goals, by highlighting and giving updating the problems of its society.

Pakistan Drama is an important part in the media field. Pakistani dramas become more popular on youth .So we can say that it’s a drama cult in Pakistan today. Everywhere in home, the market, the public place, the school, the college or the university everyone are must to seemed , to talk on drama, or ready to give his/her opinion on it.

In the History of Pakistani drama there were mostly only two thing to talk about, one was story and second was acting but now a days in the an age of modernization so, there are so many changes that found in Pakistani dramas since 2000. In modern techniques, westernized style of culture , dressing style , behaving and language are become part of communication so That’s why this is reason Pakistani dramas are very hot debate in any age of groups .

Problem Statement

Researcher is find in their study that what is effects of Pakistani modern drama on youth of district Lahore, city?

Back ground of study

In Pakistan Television was launched in 1964. Syed. S. said that the electronic media was provide the entertainment and information in their best and their possible way. M. G Durham, D. Kellner and M. Mcluhan also said that the media taken seriously, because that are an small agent of change in modern times.

Cable TV in Pakistan Zia, A. In urban areas the number of cable TV viewers was greater (85%) than (50%) in rural areas in 2013. But in 2010 the no. of viewers of cable channels in the area rural was 34% , recorded was 16% growth reaching 50 percent. The audience for these channels has stagnated at the same level over the past 2 years. In 2010 the no. of cable TV viewers was increased to 64%, up from 55%.

In the Advances in media technology are become changing the global image of mass media. He give new way of entertain the people like cinema, theater etc. Now in the one day pakistani drama is the most famous and most entertaining segment on people. Pakistani culture is very different and has its own values and customs of Western culture. The human brain is a very sensitive part of the body that affects the change in bodily emotions

The drama is an image of society; it highlights the problems facing society as well as the new trends and fashion practiced in society. Television broadcasts many programs such as dramas, documentaries, feature films, talk shows, film songs, but now a daytime drama is one of the most effective sources of entertainment for all. Pakistani dramas show modernization but Pakistani culture is different

In old time the technology was not popular and not easily accessible in Pakistan to watch dramas, So at that time people were used the antenna to watch PTV as a source of entertainment. Pakistani dramas showed the pure culture of the different provinces of Pakistan but today the Pakistani drama is very different from the previous one, it shows divorces, relationships after marriage, physical violence, abusive language, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, Indian and Western clothing styles, and suicides.

In Pakistan, theater is an important area in the media field. Pakistani dramas are going to be popular among people. Everywhere like house, the market, the public square, the school, the college or the university people seems and talking about the drama or ready to give their opinion on the latest Pakistani dramas. At the beginning of the history of Pakistani drama, there were mainly two areas to be addressed, namely history and theater, but now it is the era of modernization , we have find so many changes in Pakistani dramas since 2000. We adop modern techniques, the westernized lifestyle culture , their dressing style , their behavior and also Western language are become part of communication. This left only a deep impact on the minds of the people. These kinds of words, the scenes changed the behavior of people. This is why Pakistani dramas are the subject of lively debate between different age groups. My research focuses on the impacts of modernism in Pakistani dramas. Its purpose is to discover the global impacts of modernism on Pakistani society.

Objectives of study: To find out impacts of Modernism in Pakistani Dramas that includes liberalism, promoting Westernization and Other countries are promoting their religion but Pakistani dramas are promoting modernism.

Significance of my study

This research will help to find out impacts of Pakistani modern dramas. So Its significant to examine and helpful for everyone to judge where Pakistani dramas stand. It can be proved helpful to overcome distances from religion that, we are experiencing among youth in Pakistani dramas.

Artificial essay

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