Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

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“Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning make everything possible for computer machines to learn from the experience, it can adjust to new inputs and can produce different output and performs all the tasks which human can do”. I agree that there are many advantages like it consumes less time and can work for 24/7 and less room for errors, but it also has some disadvantages like unemployment, and they are restricted to limited work.

Firstly, Is Artificial intelligence application ethical?

According to me AI is not ethical, because Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms doesn’t give correct or valid outputs in all the scenarios. Using these automated systems in immigration works might not be a great move. As these machines already have a predefined set of answers which are inbuilt, and those machines doesn’t have ability to think and analyse the situations. Though these automated machines can perform the tasks faster then the humans that doesn’t mean they are 100% accurate. Its good to use AI in immigration and refugee system to perform the visa process very fast but the decisions made by the system might not be correct in all the scenario’s and this might put someone’s life in darkness. Whereas if it would have been some human in place of automated machine, he/she might understand the problem clearly and ask few more questions based on that and get clarified. So there more chances of automated machines going wrong. So, I personally feel AI is not required in the field of immigration and refugee system.

Secondly, Should AI or Machine learning replace human workers.

Even here we can’t decide, it totally depends on what kind of work and what’s the scenario. Automated machines(robots) are very much necessary in the field of military operations like wars, border security and so on. Yes, there are many situations where people lost their job for computers, one of the best examples is software testers are nowadays replaced by automation testing (where recursive programs will test the code and report if any error or bug is found), in this case many manual testers lost their jobs. So, I don’t think AI and other automated machines are necessary in all the fields. They can be used in some fields like farming, surgeon, solider and so on.

To conclude, this is not the end of AI and machine learning’s automated systems, it might grow more and more in the future and can take all the control on the humans, but still it needs human interaction to check the results produced by the system. Instead of thinking is AI ethical or not, we should try to compete with it instead try to find works/jobs those machines can’t do and try to excel in it.

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How does artificial intelligence relate to ethics?
Artificial intelligence raises ethical concerns regarding the potential misuse of AI systems and the impact of AI on society. It is important to consider ethical principles such as transparency, accountability, and fairness when developing and implementing AI technologies.
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One ethical issue of artificial intelligence is that it could be used to create autonomous weapons. Another ethical issue of artificial intelligence is that it could be used to invade people's privacy.
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Some ethical benefits of artificial intelligence include the ability to make unbiased decisions and the potential to end human suffering.
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