Art and the First Amendment

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Due to the rights that individuals have in the constitutional of the amendments, people should not have retaliated because an artist decided to paint a famous figure how he sees fit. The Museum shouldn’t have allowed a lawsuit to their artist’s work. Art is art and it is meant to be shared no matter who agrees with that vision. “art is the name of a perpetual human struggle with the limits of perception’’ (New York Times). The First Amendment, whose awfully resolve is to protect freedom of speech without interruption by legally established authority.

”If somebody wants to do that confidentially and pay for that privately, well, that’s what the First Amendment is all about,” the Mayor said about the exhibition. ”But to have the government subsidize something like that is outrageous.’‘(New York time). Many people may not recognize who Chris Ofili is. Ofili identify and heritage British and African however a lot us get to know him because of his artworks, his painting “The Holy Virgin Mary”, that exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s “Sensation” exhibition in 1999.

The portrait was very contentious because of Mary’s breast was showing and be made of elephant dung and for that reason of the porno shapes close to Mary. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and others, is saying that kind of works is not suitable for public to see, immediately criticized the art work, beside the entire show. So, he to filling for a law suit. The opposite Arguments was that sexualized of the Virgin Marry? When it is supposed to be viewed as pure and clean. And the defender’s arguments were racism because he was black. Museum and Ofili won the case against Mayor under the 1st amendment.

The 1st amendment said, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there for; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. (First Amendment) Many points to take in contest when calling something work of art. Religion, politics, critics, media and a lots of others group affect art and artists. How to judge or define what is Art? Art can have multiple meaning. Different meaning in different location and historical settings. I did not really heard the church or the Christian’s opinion in this at all.

I think the Catholicism people should have a say in the Holy virgin Mary artwork. Ignorance is not permission to judge or criticize. Art is the artist vision or their definition of certain things. For example, based on the image I can see the African culture in it (did he do it on purpose?) the artist does not really identity with African heritage, he is more westernized (based on the reading and his opinion) for me personally I think the image definition is racy. And the content is more western than the westerns want to admits.

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Is art a freedom of expression?
Yes, art is a freedom of expression. It is a way to express oneself through creative outlets such as painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.
Is it right to ban art?
No, it is not right to ban art.
Why is art protected by the First Amendment?
Art is protected by the First Amendment because it is an expression of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a way for us to communicate our ideas and share our culture with others.
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