Application of Zoology

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Today, we human beings benefit a lot from technology. As we all know, we develop our technology mainly by theory and practice. But how can we transfer the result of of theory research to practice?It’s zoology that plays a key role in the process. Therefore I think we should really do a research on how zoology affect our life and what difficulties will zoology face in the future.

This essay mainly focus on what kind of specific role does zoology play in our life. We can just search for some information in the data resource and find the relationship between our life and the zoology. Additionally, zoology still have a long way to go. We also analyse the difficulties that zoology is facing in the moment.

Brief Introduction of Zoology

Zoology is one of the branches of biology. It is tightly related to human’s life. From ancient time, our ancestors started to know some of animals and accumulate some information. Later, some people gathered those information together and finally zoology was created since that time. Besides, it is widely related to all sorts of range.

Application of Zoology

Bionic direction

In the past billions of years, animals evolves as the living condition change, and there appears many interesting body structure and organ in the process. Its high degree of automation and high efficiency is unmatched by precision instruments. In other words, our technology cannot catch up with those structure. For example, scientists do some research on the eyes of frog. They find that the visual nerve cells of frog can be divided into several categories. One of them just respond to different colors, and the rest kinds of cells just respond to specific features. And frog can tell different animals with their special eyes. Scientists imitate the eyes of frog and invented a system to defend nuke attack.

Pharmaceutical Engineering direction

As we all know, the development of medicine must be experimented clinically. And instead of doing experiment on people directly, we usually use animals. As we all know, human is also a kind of animals. And we may react similarly to the same kind of medicine. Therefore, researchers like to use rat to test unknown medicine and observe the reaction. Later, the result was analogized to human’s body and that’s the whole process.

Agriculture direction

In addition, zoology is also involved in agriculture area. On the one hand, in animal husbandry, we are always searching for better way to increase the profit. And we also try to develop vaccine to reduce the accidental death of animal. This is highly evaluated in the whole chain. On the other hand, we can make use of zoology to test the quality of crops. We can use experimental animals to check whether chemical substance is left over. For example, early in America, people in a remote village find the dog they raise died strangely. And a few days later all of people in the village caught a bad disease. Later a kind of harmful chemical is found in the water of the village. Animals always have a shorter metabolic cycle than us and we can find some detail on the animals around us.

The Point We Should Focus on


Zoology still have some points that we should really reflect on. And I put morality on top priority. As we all know, doing experiment with living animals is unavoidable in zoology research. But some people hold the view that those animals are still a kind of life and we should not risk their life to make our progress. They think we didn’t respect lives. I think the controversial top will never disappear.


In the experiment, dead or injected animals are always dangerous. They may infect people or the environment. It pose great threat to the people and we should really take care of this question and try to avoid it.


Zoology seems to be far from us, but actually it affect us from all aspects. However it also have some points that need concentrating on. And in the future not far from us, zoology research will be facing a series of revolution. And I believe zoology will get over these questions. Besides, zoology is not limited in present situation. In the future, zoology will keep developing and one day, zoology may be the core of future science and our live can never get away with it.

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What are the five branches of zoology?
The five branches of zoology are ecology, ethology, morphology, physiology, and taxonomy.
What is scope of zoology?
The scope of zoology includes the study of all animal life, including their evolution, physiology, behavior, and ecology.
What is the importance of studying zoology?
Zoology is the study of the animal kingdom and is important for understanding the diversity of life on Earth. Zoologists use their knowledge to help conserve wildlife and ecosystems.
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