Anxiety among Teens

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Anxiety is when people feel nervous or worry about the outcome of something or an event that is going to happen. All people experience a little bit of anxiety. Teens suffer anxiety from many things like sports, testing, talking in front of crowds. Anxiety in teens has risen studies have shown that it has jumped more than fifty-five percent in girls over the past five years.

Doctor Lisa Damour talks about how things have changed and how anxiety has always been a part of our lives. We talk about anxiety and stress more than we used to, but we talk about it more in a negative way. A typically teenage boy takes things less personally than a typical teenage girl. This means an underachieving guy has little to no anxiety compared to an overachieving girl who is very anxious.

Girls tend to be more anxious than boys because girls care more about the way they look while boys care more about what they have done or accomplished. Social media also has a big impact on teenagers nowadays. It affects girls more because girls look at other people doing things while they are doing nothing, and they start to think down on themselves.

While a boy when he is by himself is typically playing video games rather than looking at what others are doing. Girls also have been putting more and more on their plates and not taking anything off, so they even have more to do. This leads to girls having more and more anxiety. Boys and girls are more similar than most people think when it comes to anxiety especially treating it. The thing that is different between the two is what causes them to be anxious.

When I talked to my parents about anxiety and why they never talked to me about it. They told me it was because they never had to because I was never an anxious person. They told me that they would let me grow up and let me be and they said if they ever noticed anything that could show I was anxious that they would have talked to me about it.

I have a younger brother that struggles with anxiety so since I couldn’t talk to them about me, I asked them about my brother. They told that they started to notice and change in behavior towards them and a couple of other things like a drop in his grades and a lack of motivation. They said they started to ask questions and talk to him about it, but it wasn’t helping so they had to start taking him to a counselor help him. After some time, it started to help but still to this day he still struggles with anxiety in things like job interviews or talking in front of crowds. How does anxiety affect someone so much that it makes them sick to their stomach?

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Is anxiety common in teenage years?
Yes, anxiety is common in teenage years as it is a time of significant change and transition. Adolescents are often faced with academic pressure, social expectations, and uncertainty about the future, which can contribute to feelings of anxiety.
What are signs of anxiety in a teenager?
Some signs of anxiety in a teenager may include feeling restless, easily fatigued, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling irritable.
What are the main causes of teenage anxiety?
There is no one answer to this question as anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors, both internal and external. However, some of the main causes of teenage anxiety may include academic pressure, family conflict, and social media comparisons.
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