Anxiety Attacks, Triggers and How to Control Them

Updated August 10, 2022

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Anxiety Attacks, Triggers and How to Control Them essay

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I will be explaining anxiety how it affects so many people in the United States. More people today report feeling anxious than ever before, even while living in relatively safe places and neighborhoods. Have you or a friend ever suffered from anxiety? A panic attack or anxiety suddenly and rapidly with no warning many have and don’t realize it. (Psych Central 2013). Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger, and an automatic alarm that does goes off when you feel threatened and or, under pressure, or are facing a stressful situation (Smith, Robinson, & Segal,2013).

More people today are being prescribed anxiety medicine than ever before by doctors. People suffer with anxiety every day and never figure out what exactly causes their anxiety? Not only do they suffer with anxiety, but they never fully understand what triggers it and how they control it. I will be providing some insight to anxiety, triggers and how to control them. Many Americans have never figured out how to control it.

What is anxiety?

We all experience anxiety: Anxiety is intense, excessive, and persistent worry about everyday situations. Anxiety is a mental disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear, that they are not strong enough to handle different things. Jovanovic, T. (2019, November 12). Anxiety ” What Is Anxiety? Signs, Causes, Symptoms. Retrieved from https://www.anxiety.org/what-is-anxiety.Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations such as public speaking or taking test, interviews and many other things can cause anxiety. Chronic stress can lead to long term anxiety and worsening in your panic attacks. Many people suffer from anxiety attacks, but the question is how do you control them?

Through research I have learned drinking alcohol, or not getting enough sleep can worsen your anxiety and attacks you may have. Might I say anxiety is not fun to have, much less live with anxiety attacks. Many people struggle with anxiety some explore things that happened in the past to confront the problem. Anxiety can usually be found or paired with another psychological disorder, such as depression or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Anxiety keeps many people from sleeping, concentrating, and in some cases leaving the comfort of their own homes. Some can’t handle large crowds without having anxiety attack. Anxiety is not an uncommon thing or unnatural from adults to young children many are being affected with anxiety. Anxiety can affect children in academics or in school alone. Kids being bullied in school can lead to anxiety and fear. Anxiety is very broad but very hard to live with. I for one live with anxiety and I chose to manage it alone without any medication. From time to time I find it very hard to manage. I chose exercise and reading to help me manage it.

Anxiety Triggers and how they affect us differently.

Now let’s learn little bit about triggers of anxiety. Anxiety triggers can be different for each person, but many triggers may be the same among people who suffer with anxiety. Some may discover they have multiple triggers.

Learning what brings on triggers can help you better manage your anxiety. Lacan, J., & Miller, J.-A. (2014). Anxiety. Cambridge UK: Polity. Different things to trigger anxiety: health issues and or issues from your past can trigger anxiety. Prescription drugs, caffeine, skipping meals, negative thinking, financial concern, parties or social events, conflict, stress, public events and lastly personal triggers. Trying to figure out what causes you to have an anxiety tack is hard. It can involve cutting out different things changing the way you do things in life and more less trying to schedule different things

Panic Attacks and how it affects us.

Panic disorder affects about 2.5 million Americans most often begins during late adolescence and early adulthood (Katz,2012). Studies have shown environmental plays a huge factor in panic attacks. Some other factors could also be family history abnormalities in the brain, substance abuse and major life stress. According to one theory of panic disorder there is no signal of one it just sneaks up on you. Anything can trigger a panic attack and they are hard to live with. For instance, giving a huge presentation in front of the class or losing your child in the mall. Some people even stop doing daily activities because it gives them anxiety or always having that feeling of something awful is going to happen. Panic attacks are periods of intense fear and sudden rush of anxiety and panic. (Merriam-Webster Dictnary,2012).

During the rush of over whelming anxiety the heart pounds so fierce that it causes disruption with your lungs creating difficulty in breathing. With all, panic attacks can hit at any time and are hard to function with. Panic attacks change everything in life for you. Anxiety is often explained as overreaction feeling or fear, and or worry when no threat is present. When this happens is usually the sign of a panic attack happening or the trigger of it starting. Panic attacks can last up to 20 to 30 minutes. Panic attacks abruptly and usually reach their peak within 10 minutes. Some may last longer than a hour. Panic attacks can happen anywhere and anytime.

How to control Anxiety.

While its normal to get nervous about an important event or life change, about 40 million Americans live with an anxiety disorder, which is more than the occasional worry or fear. Lacan, J., & Miller, J.-A. (2014). Anxiety. Cambridge UK: Polity. Anxiety has no cure but there are ways to control it. Some chooses the all-natural ways, and some choose to take the medication prescribed by a doctor. There are many different anxiety medications you can take but they all have some sort of side effect some are worse than others. Doctors today usually prescribe anti-depressants to help you better deal with your anxiety. Many people have had no luck with the medication, so they find other ways to control their anxiety. First thing you need to know what causes you anxiety and what triggers it.

You may find changing some things around in your life may help you avoid having anxiety attacks. Lot of the medication doctors prescribe you cause anxiety or the anxious feeling. Anxiety is a very tough thing to live with and understand. I have discovered having a regular set routine has really reduced my anxiety attacks. I have set times I do things through the week. Exercise has really helped reduce my amount of stress. I also take time for me by reading which something I really enjoy doing. By doing these things it has stopped the mind from going a 100 miles per hour.

Anxiety Attacks, Triggers and How to Control Them essay

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Anxiety Attacks, Triggers and How to Control Them. (2020, Sep 12). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/anxiety-attacks-triggers-and-how-to-control-them/


What are 5 ways to calm down an anxiety attack?
How to stop a panic attack Seek counseling. Take medications. Use deep breathing. Recognize that you're having a panic attack. Close your eyes. Practice mindfulness. Find a focus object. Use muscle relaxation techniques.
What are some anxiety attack triggers?
10 Surprisingly Common Anxiety Triggers Caffeine. Topping the list, caffeine can do many things, including inducing anxiety. A Messy Home Environment. This one often surprises people. Self Neglect. Not Enough Sleep. Stress. Finances. Social Gatherings. Work Environment.
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