Analysis of My Learning Style

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Learning style is defined as how a student responds to or understands a content. Every student gains an understanding of details differently. There are ten types of learning styles. Most people have a specific technique of learning. Some learn by listening while others learn by observing steps or being hands on. Being mindful of your learning style and modifying your study routine will help you grasp information effectively and would help you achieve more as a student.

You should use techniques that make use of your strengths and strategies that help in your areas of weaknesses in order to reduce your frustration, save you time and energy. Knowing what learning style suits you will enable you to understand what makes you better as a student, also in your career and in your personality. You will be able to make better decisions and avoid matters that may cause problems, finding an environment that you are most compatible with and where you will be able to be the most effective and successful, and knowing your areas where you lack strength.

My learning style include visual, applied, spatial, social and creative. As a visual learner I learn best through what I see. I learn best when I use graphical ways to represent what I am studying. I prefer it when information is represented in diagrams or graphs. As an applied learner, I prefer tasks that involve real objects and situations. Practical, real-life learning situations are ideal for me. As a spatial learner I think in pictures, rather than in words. I also tend to learn holistically, instead of sequentially, or in parts. As a social learner, I rather communicate with people, both verbally and non-verbally. I prefer social activities, rather than doing my own thing.

As a creative learner I create theories, tests, stories, solutions, analysis and designs as opposed to simply trying to memorize information. These are strong learning styles for me because it helps me better understand the content and maximize my retaining ability. My learning style affected me in many ways. After finding out my preferred method of absorbing information, I did better in exams and improved my attention span. Some strategies that I use to maximize my learning are as follows: I draw tables and diagrams to jot down information, I associate ideas to the material, and I find a study partner to share information with.

Marla’s primary studying style is visual and pragmatic. She is facing the challenge of listening in class. She should consider studying in an organized environment, paraphrasing difficult materials, writing list of steps, procedures and processes, color coding her notes and taking notes in lectures and creating note cards with vocabulary or concepts on them and include a picture of the concept. Martin is a visual, conceptual and spatial learner. He faces the challenge of concentrating and paying attention in class. He should consider organizing materials that lack order, use outlining, focusing on organizational patterns, using visualization, drawing diagrams, charts and tables and using videos when available.

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