Analysis of Human Resource Management Practices

Updated May 29, 2021

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Analysis of Human Resource Management Practices essay

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The Human Resources of an organization have a noteworthy impact in its advancement. It plays an important role in the business by managing the entire workforce. The concept of human resources is not new. In the book, The Practice of Management it states that “The three function of management are the achievement of economic performance, the leading of managers and the management of workers and managers” (Peter F. Drucker, 1954). Human Resources can be characterized as a stand out amongst the most vital ventures an association can make whose outcome can turn out to be progressively clear.

According to Michael Armstrong (2006), Human resource management is defined as a strategic and a sound way to deal with the administrations valued resources – the general public working there who exclusively and altogether contributes to accomplish the targets. The Daniel’s tire experts does not have human resource department to recruit suitable staff as it hires staff on two criteria written on above case report. It shows that Daniel’s do not have good labor relation with his employees.

Overall Human Resources Strategies

The main purpose of human resources management is to recruit, train the eligible workers in the most efficient manner to assist the business to achieve its objectives. Human resources strategy brings together and coordinates the activities and their general improvement as per the necessities of the association. It permits the significant planning and manages all the works with human resources.

Daniel’s tire expert is a retail service garage who wants to expand his business into a mega retail store across the lane from his current location. The government has approved his plan to develop a mega retail service store having all the latest diagnostic equipment. He has prepared to open his store in a new building with new marketing idea. Unlike other business, he does not have a human resources department because he makes all the decision of HR himself. In the competitive world, utilizing the available resources in the efficient and productive way is must.

In business; marketing, financing are not only the core part, managing the human resources is also an integral part of business. No matter how much the company invests in new technology to increase efficiency, if the workers are not productive enough then there will be no effective production leading to loss in business. Recruiting and managing the labor effectively will help the organization to achieve its goal. (Cambridge business, 2015).

Many large organizations have a separate human resources department to mobilize human resources in the most effective way. As Daniel’s tire expert have no human resources department his strategy had been to procure his staff on two criteria, They should have a place with the men’s club of which his is a part; and They should beat him in an arm wrestling match. Though this is not much professional way of recruiting the staff and HR department not only recruits the staff but also manages all the human resources properly and increases the efficiency of the company.

The safety of workers is also compromised by the company. In the last paragraph, junior mechanic Nathan was injured genuinely when he tried to change the silencer without stopping the car’s engine as the customer was in rush and Daniel’s insisted him to do work quickly. To remain successful in the competitive market Daniel must keep its employees happy and provide good service to customers.

Recruiting Practices and Issue Statement

Recruiting is a process of selecting, short listing, and delegating reasonable contender for employment inside an association (Matt Deutsch ,2016). Different organization has different recruitment process and everything is different. What works successful for one organization may not work well to others. Recruitment process is the vital piece of human resource system. At the point when monetary emergency hits, organization focuses on cutting expenses and make staff redundant which is not good. The company must have a strong plan and long term vision to fight and withhold the problems during the period of recession.

Daniel’s tire expert has a long term vision of opening a mega retail service store providing services with latest equipment. He recruits his staff only if the worker belongs to the club in which he is a member and they should beat him in arm wrestling match as well. As Daniel do not have human resource department, he makes all decision himself which may not be good recruiting process. The workers working there must be able to provide good service, ask feedbacks to customers, accepts challenging works, keen to learn new skills which will help the organization to be successful.

Making customers happy should be the companies aim but workers are also very important. If workers are not satisfied enough there will be some sort of problems in efficiency. Sir Richard Branson says, “Customers comes second, employees first”. It is a philosophy by Sir Richard Branson that helps the company to motivate employees and achieve the target with happy clients. Daniel’s fired the service manager Larry for spending one hour in washroom which is not good practice and it is also against the law of labor union but by opening new retail service store he is providing one hundred number of employment services to people.

Problems with Recommendation

Daniel’s does not have a good relation with labor. He maintains strict code of conduct during the work. In the above case, there is a 66% annual turnover rate which is not a good performance. Employee turnover is the measurement of tracking the employees who are leaving the company in the given time frame (Nora St-Aubin, 2018). Daniel forces his workers to work fast without looking whether the consequences is good or bad. In the case, it shows that he is not much aware of workers safety at work which is leading to the problem of high employment turnover. The trainings to the workers must also be given to motivate them. Daniel himself makes difference between male and female. He discriminates and does not allow the lady mechanics who have five years of work experience to work in the company.

Daniel must have human resource department as he is expanding his business. All decision he takes may not be successful, employing separate human resource manager will help him to recruit, train, and motivate the staff. HR Department will help Daniel’s company to mobilize the available workforce more effectively. Daniel must not discriminate on the basis of gender but instead he should recruit the one who is more experienced on the same field. Firing the workers on small mistakes is also not good and there might be the problem of labor union. Verbal Warnings must be given with letter to the workers who make mistake or error. Having a good labor relation with all the workforce will increase efficiency and hence, increases the productivity.

Implementation/ Action Plan

Strategic planning is an important guide to make organizational project and initiatives successful. As business expands more the situation becomes more complex, decision must be take quick sometimes and strategic planning helps the business to solve the problems more quickly. Many businesses have strategic plan prepare ahead but not much company can implement them. Implementing the strategic plan is a challenging task for an organization.

Daniel’s tire expert does not give much freedom to the workers. The Daniel’s fired the service manager Larry for spending long time in washroom. The Daniel must focus on employee’s wellbeing as he is not much aware of it. Daniel must provide competitive salary, freedom to be creative, continuous trainings and should enhance hiring practices. The entire strategic plan must be implemented successfully to gain goodwill in the competitive market. As Daniel is not fond of having a labor union in the company, the Daniel must have to consider these entire factors to avoid the chaos of the union. With the long term mission and vision, Daniel tire expert can provide a bold human resources management system.


The employees working for the organization must work hard, accepts challenges, and show successful outcomes. Then, only the resources and money invested will pay off and company will be successful. Nowadays, HR Department is not only about recruiting but it is an important part where all the company’s workforce is linked to gain outcome.


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Analysis of Human Resource Management Practices essay

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