An Analysis of the Purpose and Characteristics of Persuasive and Descriptive Writing By Katie Enns

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Persuasive writing is a form of writing in which you are trying to change someone’s opinion about a subject. Your goal is to convince the reader that what you’re telling them is the right way to think, and you want to put an idea in their head. You are also urging them to take a stand, and maybe even fight for your topic. You can choose to be formal or informal, but I find that in most cases, readers trust formal writing more. There is a great variety of ways that you could write a persuasive piece, but if you don’t want to go overboard, stick with the general persuasive strategies.

There are many different strategies for writing a persuasive piece, but the main 5 are: emotional appeal, personal connection, exaggeration, authority, and logical arguments. To convey emotional appeal, you have to add a mood to the writing. The ones that work best are moods like happiness, dreams, promises, fear, etc. By using this strategy, you get the audience to care. Having personal connections in the writing is also a great advantage. You want to throw in something that the readers can connect to, and it keeps them interested. For example, family connection would grab some attention, because families are important in most people’s lives.

Exaggeration is a good strategy to use in fun ads, but in most other cases, it would seem inappropriate. However, if necessary, it would be alright to use a little bit, like if you’re describing your hopes and dreams for the future. Authority is very important to have in a persuasive essay because it shows the audience that you know what you are talking about, and there are facts that can back you up. Finally, the last strategy is having logical arguments. You aren’t going to convince anyone anything if your arguments aren’t factual and rational.

Persuasive writing is similar to descriptive writing, because in both cases, you are trying to put an idea in the audiences head. In persuasive writing, the author will do whatever it takes to convince the reader something, so they are attempting to fill the audience’s mind with their opinions and ideas. In descriptive writing, writers use detailed words and specific description, thinking that it will put an image in the readers head. So they may have their differences, but Persuasive writing and descriptive writing are similar because of their attempt to infiltrate your mind, and change your view about something.

Persuasive writing is obviously an important thing to have in this world, because that’s how most people have a strong opinion about a subject, and it’s how decisions are made. Without it, our world would be a different place than it is today, and no one would be able to share their unique ideas, some even life changing. We see and/or use persuasive writing almost every day, and most of the times you may not even know that it is a persuasive article. And family connection would grab some attention, because families are important.

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