Afrocentric Perspective

Updated November 17, 2021

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Afrocentric Perspective essay

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The Afrocentric Perspective transcends the conventional pathological view that depicts people of African descent as poor and oppressed people due to internal deficits and character disorders (Yabura). It instead places its primacy on the strengths and uniqueness of diverse populations. According to Yabura, “the genesis of the Afrocentric Perspective is found in the social reality of the Black experience in America,” and reinforces four beliefs.

Yabura states that first, the Afrocentric Perspective is categorized by the fact that people of African descent are leaders in the interpretation of the black experience reality. Therefore, Yabura inserts that Blacks must take responsibility of defining the Black Experience Reality within objective reality. It is a complex interaction between objective reality also referred to as conditions and subjective reality also referred to as the understanding of these conditions (Yabura). The relation between the two in not a one-to-one correspondence. It is stated that as objectivity change, so does the interpretation of the world.

Secondly, Yabura argues that that Afrocentric Perspective establishes a belief within the evolutionary historical development of the Black diaspora and nourishes a belief of the power of victory. It is in this position that reaffirmation of identity is made valid. This also allows for the Social Worker to understand and appreciate history (Yabura). As a Social Worker, one cannot take an effective social history in the absence of a social history of the client’s social group. Yabura states, that the circumstantial quality of identity of an individual requires a restricted selection of the individual’s bio-psych-social-spiritual characteristics.

Moreover, the Afrocentric Perspective reinforces sensitivity toward the need for “filtering all social, economic, and political phenomena” (Yabura). It is through this decontaminating screen, that the consequences on Blacks and other oppressed people are understood. Yabura argues, teaching the Afrocentric Perspective in this manner, equips Social Workers with an educational process that prepares them for real world experiences, as well as equip them with the knowledge and skill set to be effective professionals.

Finally, Yabura states that the Afrocentric Perspective is grounded in the humanistic values. It is through the humanistic values that allows for the Social Worker to keep their own humanity even when faced with dehumanizing conditions (Yabura). Also, allowing for the Social Worker to be free to share humanism with everyone, even when faced in environments that are antithetical to humanistic practice.

Afrocentric Perspective Tenets and Application

Bowles (1999) argues that there are three key tenets to the Afrocentric Perspective. The first theme identified is that people are subjects who act to transform the world. Second, the world is not static and closed, but rather constantly changing. Therefore, problems can be solved. Lastly, Bowles (1999) states that problem solving with clients must acknowledge their cultural values, behaviors and their strengths and capacities.

The Eurocentric Perspective is a deficit model and tends to be a person-blame model. It also defines and describes behaviors that are either viewed as desirable and undesirable (Bowles, 1999). In contrast, Bowles (1999) states that the Afrocentric Perspective emphasizes strengths, resiliency, and uniqueness of different populations and respect the cultural integrity of these groups. The concept of the Afrocentric Perspective focuses on respect for an individual, their culture, historical experiences, and all the factors of life experiences.

According to Bowles (1999), “The Afrocentric is a prism to define the strengths and problems faced by African Americans and other groups.” This perspective offers strategies for resolving these problems and sufferings of all people. Thus, allowing for this perspective to be used with people from all ethnic groups.

Afrocentric Perspective essay

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