Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

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Table of Contents

The video game is an extraordinary equipment that changes the whole surroundings and allows you to move to the virtual world and experience things you can not experience in real life. So how does it affect people?


Being a gamer could allow you to improve your mental and physical abilities, because you may get motivated while playing, so you will move and jump, also you must be concentrated and try to memorize everything during the game, the instruction, how to win, some strategies or you wouldn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t love the game.

If you feel bored or free you can play video games to enjoy and entertain. Two of the fabulous things about it are that it doesn’t have a time limit and you don’t need to change your position. Also, if you turn into a professional in one game you could bring some money from it. Moreover, some video games allow you to play online with your friends, also you can make a friendship over the internet and get along so fast because you both chose and love the same game. I saw people married because of the video games, so who knows maybe your partner is waiting for you. Video games also improve the person’s ability to make decisions, because some video games allow you to determine and rewrite the end, from the options you select during the game so it is your responsibility if the end was happy or sad. Furthermore, some hospitals use video games as a medication, to let patients forget the real dark world, forget their misery and move to the virtual world to play and have some fun. It also could change your look to your environment and let you think deeply before doing anything and begin to imagine how the second party is thinking, so, this will make you one step ahead of anyone.

Also, one of the favorite benefits for me is that it encourages teamwork because you can not play all the games independently, and you have to communicate with your squad and understand them and try to solve any problem together. You can also learn how to be a leader for a group and put every person in your team in their perfect position, because of that every partner will increase his personal skills and that will also help to improve the level and strength of the group. Furthermore, some countries use video games in education and some studies prove that if you learn something and enjoy it, you would love to learn more and more, therefore you will become a master of that thing.


But nothing is perfect, it has also its harmful effect. Because video games will be a waste of your time, you won’t realize the time that you lost on it and you will become a lonely person who just wants to be alone with his games. Also, it will affect your sight and force you to wear eyeglasses because of the rays that enter your eyes from the screen, and more and more you will lose your sight or have to do surgery.

And that will also make you fat because you don’t do anything except pressing on the controller. Your muscles will decrease and you will lose your physical strength and your bones will become weaker because you are closing on yourself inside the room and that will not allow the sunlight to enter so, you won’t get vitamin D.

Video games have a classification of age because adults would not enjoy playing kids’ games and some games are prohibited for children, because of violent, bloody, negative thoughts, or pornography. Some children become aggressive after playing violent games, they makes a fight without a reason, they think that everyone wants to insult them and make them a joke. The negative thoughts that tell the kids to kill themselves or steal from their families or leave their houses and start taking drugs.

Addiction won’t let you live unless you have video games. That will affect your academic performance, and leave a lot of hobbies because you have a new different hobby and it is playing video games, because of that hobby some gamers are playing not for entertainment but as a career.

Now, what do you think about video games? In my opinion, I think it is good but, you have to control and manage your time, time for family, time for education, time for friends, and most importantly time for yourself.

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