Video Games Addiction Problem Solution Essay

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Does violence in video gaming cause some people to act out violently?

If so, is there something we can do to prevent this? Give reasons for your answer and provide examples.Introduction General Statement· Readers were addressed with the headline, “Massacre! Young men open fire in a school have been found to be video gamers who were acting out a digital fantasy”.- In today’s world violence is everywhere, bloodshed and aggression in every corner. It is inevitable that violence plays a huge role in our entertainment.- Video games are the most interactive and mixing violence into this will have a big impact on the minds of the upcoming generation. ·

So does video games really cause people to act out violently?

Ref:(Carey, 2013)1. Overview· There are many companies competing in order to be the best and produce realistic games.· In a research conducted in young Europeans aged 16-24, 80% of the men and 61% of women had agreed that they play video games regularly. 26% of all games are shooters.

Ref:(Do violent video games make people aggressive?, 2015)2. Thesis Statement- Although Violent Video games have a few benefits such as better problem solving skills, it is a sector where the bad out weights the good. Violent video games significantly contribute to higher suicidal rates, higher crime rates and promote a very unhealthy lifestyle amongst the youth.

Ref:Body Paragraph 01 Topic Sentence-There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a member of our youth end his or her life due to preventable factors. Ref: Supporting Sentences- According to a Journal of the American Association of Suicidology, teens who spent more than 5 hours each school day playing games were more likely to report prolonged sadness, as well as suicide attempts. – “Blue whale”- Teens are instructed by an anonymous person online to do horrific tasks for 30 days. -The last task was to committing suicide.

Ref:(Sinclair, 2013)3.(Mullin, 2018)4. Critical Analysis- In my opinion, a society where suicide rates are high will find it hard to grow. -Suicidal thoughts leads people into being less effective at their work place and the routine things they do in their daily life such as limit their social interaction with people.-To prevent these Parents could monitor what games their child plays. -Limiting screen times also can be a helpful way. -Parents can play games with their child in order to know the games sort of games they play. -The government could also open rehabilitation centers, so people being affected and addicted due to games can be cured. Ref: Concluding Sentence- In general suicide is a big problem in today’s society and video games do play a significant role in it, however this can be easily prevented. Body Paragraph 02 Topic Sentence-The total number of violent crimes in the US in 2017 was 1.28 Million, it’s a fact that violent video games increase aggression and cause mood swings, is this a coincidence?

Ref: (Statista, 2017)5. Supporting Sentences- Video games are known to cause mood changes hence causing the person to become agitated.- Neuroscientific studies show reduced cognitive brain functions in individuals exposed to violent media.- The greater the experience with violent media, the lower was the activation of brain areas for thinking, learning, reasoning and emotional control.- Nikolas Cruz a 19-year-old gone rogue in a school resulting in 14 children and 3 adults being mutilated at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Officials told that he was keen in video games and played a lot of violent games such as first person shooters-Games causing gamers to live a virtual world. This triggers them to follow their character’s footsteps and kill people in the real world. -Games make them emotionless

Ref:(Campbell, 2018) 6. Critical Analysis- The effect on different people’s mind varies for instance a shooting game has a more adverse effect on a child than an adult. -To prevent these, parents could check the rating of video games before buying them.- Every game has a parental guide and age rating so parents could purchase age appropriate games in order to prevent their child from becoming violent. -Governments also could implement bans on certain violent games. For examples Saudi Arabia has banned GTA.

Ref:(CJ, 2018)7. Concluding Sentence-Hence it can be deduced that video games have a negative effect on the brain triggering people into violence which makes me believe that it’s one of the main factors causing violence and increasing crime rate in the society. Body Paragraph 03 Topic Sentence- Apart from the mental issues due to violent games, there are physical issues as well. Video games may also have bad effects on some children’s health, including obesity, video-induced seizures, sleep loss and muscular problems.

Ref: Supporting Sentences- Dr. Katherine Morrison, who worked with researchers from California State University, conducted a research on the physical effects of video games on children that are aged between 10-17. -After completing her research she states that “we were amazed that amongst gamers, videogame addiction scores explained one third of the differences in sleep duration,” said Morrison. Sleep is very important for the body to repair itself and lack of sleep can have a huge impact on the cardio metabolic health of growing kids.-She also states that Childhood obesity then tracks on to adulthood causing even more dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular, coronary diseases as well as type-2 diabetes.

Ref:(McMaster University, 2016)8. Critical Analysis-However a person’s physical health is as important as their mental health so playing violent video games can be a bad thing for both.-Regular exercises should be done in order to keep a person’s mental and physical condition perfect. -Ergonomic furniture’s should be purchased as well to reduce muscular problems. -Parents also have to play a certain role to make sure that their child is not addicted in order to prevent the child from harmful health problems.

Ref: Concluding Sentence-Physical problems are as harmful as mental problems, health problems such as obesity and back spasms can have a huge negative impact on a child’s future therefore parents should do whatever they can to make sure the child does not regret this in the future. Body Paragraph 04 Topic Sentence-Even though there are many negatives, playing games such as first person shooters have advantages to your mind and body as well.

Ref: Supporting Sentences- Gaming can help improve your reaction time, while gaming you need to analyses situations quickly and make decisions all in a split second. -In shooter games, the character would be running and shooting at the same time. This needs the real world player to keep track on the character’s movement, where the character is heading etc., various tasks like this are being done together so this helps improve hand eye coordination and spatial skills. – Playing video games require both visual and audial memory. The player is required to read or listen to the instructions. Mastery of the keys on your keyboard helps you easily move your characters in the game. This helps improve your memory power.

Ref:(Mentalfloss, 2018)9.(Eugenio, 2017)10. Critical Analysis-This could help a person in the real world, for instance while driving a person would need to react quickly to dodge an incoming vehicle hence gaming would help you have that quick reaction time.-Hand-eye-coordination would be useful for a person intending to become a surgeon, as they need to take information in visually and coordinate movements with their hands as well.

Ref:(Hampton, 2013)11. Concluding Sentence-To conclude violent video games can be played as long as you are in the correct age, do not play for too long and are mentally stable Conclusion Main Points-Even though they increase reaction time and improve memory they tend to lead teenagers into suicide, not just adverse mental effects but also physical effects such as obesity and heart problems. -Sometimes kids tend to relieve their aggression through crime. Point of view / verdict-However I feel that the bad outweigh the good and that people should not spend too much time on these kind of games which might actually tempt them into violence causing a greater harm to the society.-I believe violent video games cause more harm than good


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