Achieving Goals of a New Year

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Coming into new year, you may see some people with the perspective of: new year, new me. We have all seen it right? A girl would post a selfie, maybe with a new hair cut, and the caption reads: new year, new me. You also know this girl has stated this from years past… and she is the same girl. We have all seen it. Heck, you may have even been like that previously.

What makes a new year influence us to live a new life? Is it the fresh start, a new calendar, or simply just because it is the trend of the year change? Setting goals for ourselves for the new year does just that. We get a fresh start. We get to start clean and be motivated while doing so.

Some typical goals of a new year are weight loss, physical appearance change, or to finish schooling to start the career. Does this sound familiar? Each person may have separate goals, but in the end, we are going to one route. We are going to achieve? Some may slip and fall off of the path for a while, and some may run like it is no one’s business and succeed. Whatever the case may be, you have to remain strong and fight until you do achieve said goals.

As a mother, our goals may be about us but are more than likely about our family and the growth of it. For me personally, I have goals for myself and then goals for my family. In order to have a strong home, I need to be strong. I need to achieve the things I need to achieve in order to provide the best for my family. While doing so, I need to take time for myself and reflect on me. It is hard to take time for yourself when you are a full-time mother, but cool thing is: it CAN be done, momma. I assure you that it can be.

So what are the five golden rules to setting goals, and being able to follow through with them in this upcoming year.

Set SMART Goals

Why do we need to set SMART goals for ourselves? We need to have Specific goals in order to pinpoint what we want to achieve. Say for instance you want to lose weight. Do not put “lose weight” on your goal sheet. Rather, put “lose 25 pounds by summer”. This makes it specific, and it makes you work harder to hit that goal. You need to have Measurable goals. Following the weight loss goal, make sure you set a reasonable goal weight loss in order to achieve it. I recommend setting your weight loss low, so that you can build up for the next goal.

I would go 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 pounds to assure you are hitting every one. You need to be Accountable for your goals. If you are not, you will not succeed. While doing all of this, you need to have Relevant goals. They need to pertain to your life and what you are thriving for. If you were wanting to be a doctor as a career, you would not make it a goal to go to cosmetology school. Does that make sense? Finally, you need to make your Time manageable. You have to provide the adequate time for your goals to be met. Do not set your goals for years to come, but rather make it closer to have something to work for, quickly.

Set Motivational Goals

In order to be successful in your goal journey, you need to have motivation behind it. Motivation can be hard, but to achieve your goals, you have to push through. I find a great source of motivation is through support on Instagram. There is a huge family of motivational people willing to help you get through it all. However, you have to seek motivation within yourself. For example, as a mother a main motivation of ours is.. Well of course our children. So why not make that a goal! Show your child you can be the best damn mom anyone has seen! What a great goal, right? You need to ask yourself what the value is of your desired goal.

Write Down Your Goals

I am a visual-learner. In order to memorize and acknowledge things, I have to see it written down. A great way to physically see your goals is to write it down. Whether this be in a notebook, on a memo board by your front door, or a post-it on your fridge. Put a little box next to each goal, so you can cross that bad boy off once you achieve it.

Set A Game Plan

In everything I do, I like to set a game plan. This helps organize the project, and make sure every step of the way is accomplished. So as you write down your goals and ambitions, you need to set your game plan. How will you accomplish your goals? Say you want to start college. You can jot down about speaking with a counselor at your local college to get started, make a list of colleges you would like to look into, or brainstorm career paths that you would like to follow.

With that, you need to summarize what obstacles you face, so that you may overcome them. You do not have the best income, okay that is fine. Knock that obstacle down and apply for financial assistance. You want to live a drama-free life, but you have a few toxic people preventing you from doing so. Therefore, removing those people out of your life will get you to reaching your goal.

Follow Through With Your Goals

Recent research shows that it takes approximately 66 days to form a habit. This is doing the habit on a daily basis, for 66 days. Do you want to add a work out plan to your daily living, okay. Work out daily to create that habit of doing so. You want to be a better parent and spend more time with your child? Okay, assign an hour an evening to just your child. No phones, no distractions. Sit down with them and have one-on-one time with them. Daily. Doing these daily, will get you in the mindset of accomplishing your goals. One by one.

With new year rolling in within just a few days, please take the above tips to heart. Set yourself some goals that are manageable and work on them. Daily. Make sure to find motivation and a reason for doing the said goals. You need to make sure they are relevant to your future, and set appropriate time frames to accomplish them.

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How do you succeed in New Years?
The best way to succeed in New Years is to set goals and stay motivated throughout the year.
What are some goals for the New Year?
Some people may set goals to lose weight or get in shape, while others may set goals to save money or travel more.
What are the 7 steps to achieve your goals?
1. Set your goals. 2. Make a plan to achieve your goals. 3. Set a deadline for your goals. 4. Track your progress towards your goals. 5. Make adjustments to your plan as needed. 6. Celebrate your accomplishments. 7. Set new goals and repeat the process.
Why are New Year's goals important?
Making New Year's resolutions is inherently hopeful and optimistic. You expect things can get better for you, for your work experience or for your community . This positive view of the future, in turn, tends to motivate action.
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