Abortion as an Individual Choice

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In life people face ethical dilemmas that can make us question what we are and what we want to be. A few outcomes are anything but difficult to get passed and others can disintegrate our reality, as we probably know it with negative impacts. How we arrange and work past these dilemmas will make up our worldview. I will examine abortion ethical dilemma and when does the life begin and dealing with the rights and concerns of the father. The purpose of this paper is

Abortion is the destruction of the fetus while the child is still in the mother’s womb. It is still controversial topic and will probably always be. In some countries, abortion is illegal, and they only permit the abortion in cases to preserve or to save the woman’s life. Right now, many countries have been legalizing abortion without any restrictions. In the middle of the controversy, two groups are made. These groups are known as pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life supporter claims that life begins at conception. Hence, abortion at any stage in the pregnancy is murder. Pro- choice supporter claims that it is women’s right to choose what she does with her body. Those supporting abortion state that anti-abortionists are against the right of the women and free choice rather than the termination of the fetus. People have different opinion in this society, especially concerning when life begins, effect of abortion on the mother and so on.

In order to fully understand, let’s start by the history of abortion. Abortion has been around for thousands of years. Due to the lack of medical education, procedure and surgeries abortion in the United States became illegal in 1800. The American Medical Association stated that abortions were wrong and unsafe. Hence, abortions were then made into a “physicians-only” practice because they could be performed legally in order to save the women’s life. In 1973 abortions were made legal in the United States due to a Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade by ruling that ‘Americans’ right to privacy included the right of a woman to decide whether to have a child or not, and the right of a woman and doctor to make that decision without state interference. Today, there are restrictions in order to educate the women concerning what they are about to do and with the parental consents for minors. However, abortion cannot be denied to any adult, woman.

Since the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion, proposed compromises on limiting or permitting fetus removal have taken two structures: those dependent on the explanations behind premature birth and those base on fetal improvement at various phases of pregnancy. The first compromise will allow abortion in hard cases like rape, risk of the life or health of the pregnant women, or incest. The second compromise will be for the soft cases like financial hardship, possible birth defects, or failure of birth control. In the second type, abortions are allowed, but only until a given stage pregnancy which is earlier than when the fetus can survive outside the womb.

Abortion based on reasons for have been incorporated in law, but many people now focus on time-based restrictions. Time based is more practical and realistic than banning abortion. Time-based restriction can protect older fetus and still safeguard the right of the women seeking abortions, who are usually within 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion are performed in a different procedures based on how far along into the pregnancy a woman is. During the first trimester of pregnancy, two options are available. A mother can either have a medical abortion within the nine weeks, or can do a surgical abortion.

During the second trimester, there are three options. Dilation and curettage, dilation and evacuation, and the induction abortion are the option. During the third trimester, there are many legal complications because some states ban any form of an abortion procedure except in certain medical situations. However, the procedures that can be performed include: Induction abortion and dilation and extraction. Dilation and extraction, however, is now illegal in the United States in part to the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995. Regardless, by the third semester, the fetus is nearly developed, including its sense of pain. Third trimester id determined as cruel and unusual.

Aborting would imply that the basic right and opportunity is violate and these sums to total ethical and moral level. The profound quality and morals of the world necessitates that the fundamental privileges of a man to be thought about and this assistance in accomplishing the great and agreeable presence of the people. Violation of human rights is a serious issue. The violation of human rights brings negative impacts on the people of the community supporting the same idea.

In addition, the life of a person is viewed as blessing. its sanctity is key on not only the religious viewpoint but as well as on social and public angle. In a religious view, a person life begins from the conception until the natural death or steady loss caused by different factors, for example, street mishap. It is as well build up in the Bible. Without those incidents, the individual is allowed to live and appreciate life whatever the condition is. And this is the combination of the worldwide human rights and the holiness of life as portrayed by both religious groups and other cultural practices. Therefore, it becomes meaningless for a group of people to abort the child and justifies the activity. Aborting the child is not right since it denies the unborn the chance and the basic of human rights and negating the sacredness of life of the individual.

Another reason why abortion should be avoided is that under no condition in the world gives another person a privilege of living of the others. It is believed that God made every human being and it is just Him who has right to right and takes away the existence of the individuals. Since it is never permitted by any group of people to damage or kill another person of a similar, it is similarly indecent and unethical to prematurely end a fetus that is developing into a child. Its renunciation inside the community is a motivation to stick on in the maintaining human pride and privileges of life.

Ethical and moral issue behind the activity of premature birth has resulted into it not being legalized in many countries. This makes the pregnant women extremely determined to dispose the baby. Not authorizing the abortion will let the women to go backstreet for abortion which will present many problems to the mother. The backstreet abortion not only endangers the lives of the kid but as well as the mother life. Posing of much risk on the human life particularly for both the mother and the child is another reason that should discourage a person from committing the unethical and immoral act.

Numbers have it that many women lose their lives in the process of abortion especially in cases performed by unqualified individuals. Premature birth involves life and demise and it is either astounding seeing distinctive people battle each other verbally or physically concerning the deceptive and unethical activities of a person. Increase of the backstreet premature births is a danger to the individual performing it and the country everywhere that are relying upon such individuals in the creation procedure and in this manner in the enhancement of the economy. The impact of this is decreased gross national item, this influences the economy contrarily, and this is additional impeding as it includes a high danger of life between the infant and the mother.

Many individual and community accept the fact that aborting the child is ethical and moral. In other communities, there are efforts to make them lawful. One of the basis on which they make their argument is that during rape and incest then a person may seek for adoption. In such a case, the proponents for the explanation for the abortion practice assert that such a kind need to be aborted and reduce shame and trauma. However, this is certainly not a correct thinking as the individual punished here is the kid yet the guilty party is left to go free with no trial.

The supporter for abortion also state that it is ethical and moral as the woman is allowed to decide what she want to occur inside her body. For example, if the woman needs to give a birth she may do so since she has all the rights. They also believe that abortion is not murder of the child as it only removes and disintegrate the various body cells incapable of living on the possess outside the belly without the guide of other technology within the healthcare service provision. They accept that when the pregnancy is permitted to proceed even with complexities then it might result into more complications. Therefore, there is requirement for the premature birth as indicated by them. As per them, it isn’t right to raise an offspring of undesirable pregnancy and with the end goal to keep away from this the people include should prematurely end.

The opinion concerning when life begins has an effect on person’s views concerning whether they are for or against abortions. Pro-choice supporter are for abortions, or the mother’s choice, believe that the fetus is considered alive when it can sustain life on its own. Supporter believes that the ability to survive is around the twenty third or fourth week of pregnancy. It is because the brain has already developed to a point where it is able to control parts of the body. However, others believe that the viability does not occur until after the birth when the child is able to supply its own needs, such as oxygen, without its mother providing the supplements, for example, in the womb. If a man or woman kills an insect, such as a roach, they have just killed something that has more brain activity than a fetus prior to eight weeks gestation. However, the murder of insects is accepted, whereas the termination of a pregnancy is not by pro-lifers.

The premature birth issue is generally given to managing the rights of the fetus and the mother. The rights and concerns of the dad are once in a while talked about. The most widely recognized case concerning fathers and premature birth is the point at which the father needs the mother to have a fetus removal and she doesn’t. But in some cases the mother wants the abortion and the father does not.

If the father has a ethically real enthusiasm for having a child, and the mother misleads the father into trusting that she will give him a child on the off chance that he does certain things, and the dad does those things for the particular motivation behind having a family, at that point it isn’t right for the mother intentionally to keep the dad from having that kid. A many people question this by saying that the wrong originates from the intentional unfortunate behavior of the mother, as opposed to from any ethical right of the father.

In many countries men have no privilege to demand that a lady prematurely end a developing life that they have fathered. Most lawful frameworks don’t enable a dad to escape duty regarding his kid and for paying to help that youngster; this applies regardless of whether the dad had needed the mother to have a fetus removal.

In conclusion, it is clear that there is a division between those supporting the abortion and those against the concept. The different thinking of the two sides of the discussion gives a last decision that the facts demonstrate that the discussion as an afterthought for the activities of premature birth is weaker than the side of the shooting. I honestly believe that bottom line of abortion simply comes down to the woman and her decision in what she thinks is best for her and the fetus. Abortion is ethically justifies if health risks, right of life, and the woman’s right are all accounted for upon making the decision to go through with an abortion.

I wind up straddling the both sides of the fence. I do not agree with aborting the child that are later than 12 weeks however abortion should remain a safe and lawful option. There are many women who are not prepared to take responsibilities of raising children. To have millions of poor, homeless and unhappy children in the world to cope with life injustices would be far more heartbreaking than extracting an embryo from a uterus. Abortion is a very complex issue that should remain an individual choice. Basically every woman should make her own decision based on her own morals and ethics.

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