A Look at My Personal Philosophy in Life

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There are many ways in which the path I follow in the forest applies to my life. The path not only pertains to my career but also to life itself, and my health and wellness.

The path of the forest puts into perspective the outlook of life that I have. My outlook on life is that you never know what is going to happen each and every day and that you never know when a new twist is going to be thrown at you. There are so many things that can happen in a single day to change your life forever, but then I some times question why was it that I put myself into this situation? Like an ongoing path you make many different decisions and those decisions that I make send me down a different path every time no matter how short or long that they are. This is how I think of life and reality or metaphysically.

Epistemology is a truly dumbfounding aspect in my life I am always wondering about God and the mystery of how he plays a role in my life. Just as the container shows it seems to be a aesthetic but I am not sure all the time God is full of mystery I and I do not believe that I will every truly understand him. I strive to though I continuously look for signs in my life and then I realize that it has been right in front of me. Knowing God is a true beauty and I have seen in my life that he has showed that to me my whole life starting with when I was adopted by a couple that catholic.

Through my parents I have been taught many values of life. They have built in me many of their axiological points of view. Some of these views are the respect other human beings and their feelings. Though I am not only to respect others I am to respect my self and my body this helped me become motivated when I was younger to participate in sports and give a hundred percent which by doing so helped me to live a healthy life style which has then lead into my young adult life. They have shown me that being honest is the best thing that you can do. By showing good ethics I can go anywhere in life. This includes not only being honest it means being a man of character. Character is being an honorable, courageous, and person of integrity. I try to show character in everything I do such as work, sports, also schooling most important I do not try to take the easy way out on things and choose to push myself further.

The key which is the idea of my education begins when I was fourteen at a Eastern Illinois soccer camp I was injured during one of the games and was evaluated by an athletic trainer going to school there. This is where the idea of this career popped into my head. Sports medicine is a big goal of my life to become an athletic trainer has been a dream of mine for years. I am doing everything in my power to obtain this goal. In order to pursue this goal I have had to make many objectives for my schooling this includes going through lake land in order to enter the school of which has my program. Not only this though, when I was in high school I chose to take a career internship class in which I would follow around an athletic trainer and gave me a greater insight as to what I would be doing in life. Needless to say I loved every second I was there.

In order to continue on with my push forward with my schooling I will be using the cognitive domain. The first thing that is necessary is obtaining knowledge that will help me know more about the basics of the career. This is the part I believe I am in now and hope to soon be in the comprehension part, which will be where I am at an understanding of the material that I will be using in every day life.

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