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It is one of the top finance websites in my list. The star page in yahoo finance for me is “key statistics” where on one page you get virtually all the information you need to know about a company. Especially powerful is the first and second data. “Marke” or market capitalization and just below “enterprise value” or “company value” capitalization plus debts less cash. You can see in any company listed in the US, whatever the country, all the best and most important ratios, business margins, total debt and cash which are very reliable since they always agree with Bloomberg and Reuters, they also include dividends, positions “Short”, the “insiders” of the company, the moving averages, the beta, the average daily contracting volume, the free float, the payout or even when the fiscal year ends at that company. You will see how data sometimes appears with the symbol TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) or last twelve months which is for me the key data in any analysis. It also breaks down if that number or ratio is from the last quarter, calendar year or fiscal year. Obviously, “key statistics” is just one page of everything Yahoo Finance offers.

The tools that finance professionals use to filter values, collect statistics and analyze market intelligence are invaluable. Unfortunately, they can be so expensive that the individual investor generally cannot access them; that’s where Yahoo! Finance can help. Yahoo has a toolkit that rivals professionals, so people are not disadvantaged. To use these tools there is a huge amount of data to go through, so we have provided a guide to help guide users to the best tools for investors.

The Market data section covers all asset classes and offers a quick overview of the current market, from the performance of several indices to the movements of securities, to an index/advance heat index, giving investors a complete picture of the trading day To get to this page, select “Market data” on the left side of the home page. In Market it is possible to see the price of the shares and securities in strict real-time, it is also possible to see the different quotes of the different stock exchanges (IBEX 35, Madrid Stock Exchange, Barcelona Stock Exchange, etc.) and the rates of Change them.

The Stock Research Center tool is the most complete, e page on Yahoo! Finance for investors. From here, investors can click on links to obtain information related to the company’s earnings (dates, surprises, etc.), analyst research (company research, update/sales, industry analysis), company reports company (annual, quarterly, all SEC submissions), financial calendars (stock splits, IPOs, M&A, economic data) and research tools (screeners, historical or real-time appointments) for stocks, bonds, funds of investment and options. Once that page loads, you can select from all categories. For example, if you see which companies report their earnings today, select “Company Revenue” and then “Revenue Dates”. Or if you are looking for price trends, select the link for “Historical quotes” to get prices for a specific time frame.

My portfolio requires you to have a yahoo account to access the tool, however, after using all the resources provided in the Stock Research Center, “My portfolio” is perhaps the next most useful tool. Useful. It allows investors to track portfolios or interest values, customize the screen view, choose fields according to investor interest, such as valuation metrics, estimates and price movements, among others. It even allows investors to enter the number of shares purchased and the purchase price to track gains or losses. Investors can not only keep current information, Yahoo! Finance converts that list of tickers into news for users, adapting the news that the user receives based on the tickers in the portfolios. Finally, the tool allows users to synchronize with other sites to their real portfolios. The page opens to allow the entry of a portfolio name, quotation symbols, market indices and allows you to select which stock features are interesting to see (it is automatically set to “default”). This screen also allows linking to brokerage accounts.

Also, Yahoo Finance service also has a highly reliable news service in which it keeps users aware of the different news about the financial world and also has well-structured information on different topics for people who are just entering issues such as investment and the stock market.

Yahoo! Finance has a great appearance, feel and a lot content that is easy to understand and navigate. As for the 10-K presentation of each company, Yahoo! devotes time and description to your financial offers. Yahoo! Finance has a stated mission to help users make informed investment decisions regarding investments and financial markets. (Furhman, 2019)It provides financial data, market information and a wide range of applications to help users obtain detailed and updated market information. Professional investment tools are generally beyond the reach of the individual investor, but when using the tools hosted by Yahoo! Finance, people can research and intelligently track values.

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