Why You Shouldn’t Achieve the Difficult Goals

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Do you ever wonder how relieved you would be if you didn’t have so many difficult goals? Maybe not. But think about it now, wouldn’t it be the best? I think so. I believe there comes a time where you should give up on a goal. There are many reasons to think this. For example, maybe you have been trying to reach a goal since you were little. I’m not telling you to give up on all your goals, but there will be a time where you realize how HUGE your goals are, and maybe they are hard to reach. One reason is because, life is short. Why waste your time doing something that is hard for you, and makes you stressed? Reason two, There are so many other things to do. And last but not least, You should make room for some new goals.

To start off, life is short. It’s too short to set a bunch of goals that may never even happen. For example, maybe your goal is to make straight A’s so one day you can go to yale and be a lawyer. It’s not very accurate. Don’t stress about it, find another college that you love just as much. The longer the goal is set, the longer you stress about tiny things like that. Some goals are accurate, but some are very hard to reach. Don’t waste your time.

Secondly, there are other things to do. Instead of dreaming to climb Mount Everest, set a goal to be the greatest person that YOU can be. Don’t try to hard, just be yourself, the greatest version of yourself. Learn to love what you have, and be grateful. Realize what you already have is good enough, and you don’t have to try so hard to reach a goal that will never be met. We aren’t going to discover the greatest thing ever. You can expect to be the greatest person in the world. Life is a battlefield, yes we have to work to get what we deserve, but all of the time, we don’t deserve it. To meet a goal, you have to work hard, but if it is stressing you out, you need to understand that there are other things that you can do.

To wrap up, you need to make room for other goals. Like I said before, you can do other things. You can make other goals that aren’t as high. If we are stuck on one goal for the rest of our lives, we won’t have a chance to meet it. If you have multiple goals that are realistic, you can reach them all instead of stressing about all of it. Set goals that make sense, set goals that make you happy and not frustrated, and lastly, set goals that are easy, but necessary. Think about the pros and cons of the goal that is being set, think about how long it will take you to meet the goal, and think about how difficult it will be to meet the goal.

To end, before setting a goal think of the three reasons. One, life is short. Two, there are other things to do. And three, make room for more goals. Are your goals to high? How can you fix that? What other goals are you going to set?

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