Why We Should Overcome Racism in America

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How can people coexist in society? Different people can live together by accepting each other for who they are, communicating with each other, and always remaining united as a society. Some people think that people cannot get along because of diversity but people can come together if they look for similarities. It has been say that racism and discrimination make living together impossible. Although diversity does create some challenges, different people can live together if they have tolerance and strong values.

In “A Quilt of a Country” Anna Quindlen argues people can coexist by learning to accept diversity and appreciating one another’s differences. An example of this is when Quindlen states, “That’s because it was built of bits and pieces that seem discordant, like the crazy quilts” (3). This illustrates how people can live together as a society and coexist with each other if they stop hating and judging each other based on their race. Therefore, this idea is important because racism leads to violence. However, violence can be avoided if people stop judging and treat each other with respect. You can add one more sentence of matters here to make this analysis stronger. What could you say then about the importance of appreciating differences?

People in America are different in many ways, not just race. Another instance of accepting diversity is shown when Quindlen talks about the idea of different people being divided. The author clarifies this when she says, “One of the things that it stands for is vexing notion that a great nation can consist entirely of refugees from other nations, that people of different, even warring religions and cultures can live, if not side by side, then on either side of the country’s Chester Avenues”(Quindlen 5).

Clearly, Quindlen conveys people can live together when she says America believes it is able to be a united country even though everyone is different. This is important because it shows how people can live together even if they have different cultures and religions that don’t get along. You need to add another sentence that includes your own idea. How? How can this happen in America? You’re right that it does, and that Quindlen agrees that diversity exists in America, but how? What do people need to do? (Refer back to the idea in your topic sentence)

To conclude, these examples demonstrate accepting diversity by showing how easy it can be to not just judge people by their appearances or differences. Good concluding statement.

In “Making the Future Better Together,” Eboo Patel argues people can coexist by respecting each other and working together to find common ground. An example of this is when Patel says, “ Washington wanted America to stand for something different: not the old idea that we are better apart, but high hope that people from the four corners of the earth could do remarkable things together, even build a nation, and show humanity that we are better together. Respect, relationship and service to the common good.” (Patel 5) This explains how even many years ago Washington had the same idea as today so we can coexist, but we haven’t done it yet., we People in America still think we are better apart.

Therefore, Patel addresses the importance of respecting each other and working together to get along since we are stronger as a society together. Give me one more sentence of matters. Again, insert your own idea. Why is this so important in society today? Make sure you connect back to the concepts of respect and relationship. Another example of this is when the texts says, “ When you serve, you are part of the future. When you dream, you are part of the future. When you build bridges that show we are better together you lower the barriers that make people believe we are better apart.” (Patel 7)

Clearly, this shows how we are destroying our futures by building those bridges that show we are better together but lower barriers that make people believe we’re better apart. Here, the author reinforces the idea of how people can coexist by respecting each other and working together to find common ground. since people think diversity and discrimination is better than coexisting and respecting each other. What does building bridges mean? What is Patel really suggesting about this idea? You’re right that in order to build a bridge, people must have respect for one another, but you need to give a matters sentence of what that concept is important. To conclude, these examples demonstrate how we can coexist with each other by finding the good and positive side of someone instead of the negative.

In “Once Upon a Time,” Nadine Gordimer explored the idea that people cannot coexist because of racism and fear. An example if this is when the texts says, “ She is right, let us take heed of her advice. So from every window and door in the house where they were living happily ever after they now saw the trees and sky through bars, and when the little boy’s pet car tried to climb in by the fanlight to keep him company in his little bed at night, as it customarily had done, it set off the alarm keening through the house.” Gordimer illustrates how people can’t coexist because of racism and fear.

Therefore, this idea is important because if people continue judging others by their skin color or looks then we people can’t ever coexist. This is very clear and to the point. However, in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln challenges Gordimer suggesting people can coexist by ending racism. He states, “ Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” (1). Clearly Lincoln explains how everyone is created equal and should have equal rights. They should also be treated with the same respect and recognize each other as humans instead of looking at one another’s differences. coexist with each other.

This further reinforces the idea of how we can coexist because since “all men are created equal” there’s no need for racism or discrimination against each other. Although there are some challenges to national unity, people can come together and find common ground by treating each other with the same respect, always being positive to each other, and stop being racist or judging others.

What it takes for people to live together in a society is respect and equality. Although we are all created equal, we are not all treated equally. We need to treat others with the same respect and kindness not with hate or violence. What we need to do, in order to coexist, is stop all the racism and judging. Some people choose to do any of that because they are raised differently or have different opinions of others but it shouldn’t be that way. Others know this and try their best to coexist with each other as best as they can. Some A specific challenges people must overcome to coexist is hate. No matter what people are trying to do, good or bad, they will always have hate but that’s just a challenge they must overcome. to coexist. Overall, people just need to accept each other for their looks, color, race, and for who they are inside.

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