Why Sex Education Is a Failure? 

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The failure of sex education is related to the ineffective contents emphasized during delivering the knowledge caused the teenagers to feel adequately informed.The existing sex education is not comprehensive and this lead the society to view it negatively. In order to be received well, the components of sexuality education have to be delivered equally which can be divided through the 3 learning domains: cognitive (information), affective (feelings, values, and attitudes), and behavioral (communication, decision-making, and other skills (American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report 2016) .

Sex Education Are Not Comprehensive Enough

A sex education programme must be comprehensive which should not only consist the anatomy and physiology of reproduction but also include the contents of interpersonal meaning of course,setting clear expectations and boundaries, communicating desires, dealing with feelings of shame and awkwardness, as well as being responsible about protection and privacy (Mark Manson 2013).The comprehensive sexuality education is important as it can reduce misinformation which related to myths and facts regarding this issue which results for a healthy outcome.

Lack of Understanding About Consent

The other important part is the idea of consent in sexual behavior which means no one is allowed to touch their bodies without their permission as this matter can help people to report any sexual assault.The recent #MeToo movement have shown us how lack we are in understanding of consent as well empowers the victims to speak up when their sexual boundaries are violated.

Misconception About the Value of Sex

In this case, sex must not become the measurement of the individual’s value whether in the male or female. Social norms and gender inequality influence the expression of sexuality and sexual behaviour ( Sex Education-Sexuality, Society and Learning 2016). We should not feel neither embarrassed nor proud either if we have or not been engaged in sexual relationship.


In conclusion, there are lot of other critical components that have to be implement if we want to mandate the sexual education. If we left out the important parts, we cannot achieve the real objectives of sexual education as well as the society will keep looking down and not updated with the current issues related to sexual education.


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