Why I Interested about Career of Clinical Pharmacist

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At the beginning of the semester when I looked at the course content, I was wondered what is the impact that would the lectures about human resource management and leadership had on me, how would it match my expectation of learning. I thought it is not beneficial to have these lectures because I need more lectures that focus on clinical pharmacy aspects.

Conversely, After the first session taken, I have noticed that a turning point in my way of thinking reached leading to better shift of my views and thoughts that arose as a consequence of this course. This essay will explain the impact that MP926 lectures, course work and assignments have on me and how the gained knowledge will be used for my career development. it will focus on how to incorporate what I have learned during to deal with some issues that I faced in my job as a teacher assistant in pharmacy practice department in university with a clinical in the university hospital.

The material that covered during the course offered me the courage to think about establishing a new modification to clinical service in my hospital, moreover, it gave me an effective tool to be an excellent teacher assistant with an organized clinical and mentoring role in the hospital. One of the major issues that I have at my work that my time is divided between academic role and the clinical role in internal medicine ward, which include 100 bed for patient. My clinical role was unstructured because I could not establish a well-defined description to the job that I can contribute to as the majority of my time was in the university.

I had a negative feeling about the quality of the clinical work I am doing, I felt scattered as reviewing each patient case and intervene on it under short time could lead to enormous errors. After, exploring the triage system that used in Scotland hospitals which based on prioritizing patient to be seen by pharmacist based on their need so no need for the pharmacist to review each patient on the ward. Only patients whom require major pharmacist intervention for instance if they need TDM, on poly pharmacy, multiple drug interactions.

I think by establishing similar system in our hospital the ideal balance in academic clinical pharmacist time will be achieved. In order to analyse the development of my service proposal I required to use SWOT analytical tool that introduced to me during the lecture about managing change in delivery of pharmacy service. SWOT analytical tools can be used as framework to attain an understanding of the crucial factors that support planning and delivery of change within an organization by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weakness are related to factors of internal origin within the organization. For my service analysis the strengths will include the support from majority of skilled faculty members whom share the same concerns, the service will allow good allocation of academic members and balancing thier time between teaching, conducting research and clinical role. moreover, the feasibility of tracking and following the patients from the university as academics computers are linked to the hospital computers.

On the other hand, the weaknesses include difficulties to establish an IT system that will be designed based on patient inclusion & exclusion criteria and needs for big fund for establishing an IT system. Opportunities include several physician and nurses whom will appreciate the exitance of a clinical pharmacist within their team. Threat in my analysis include preference of patient to have equal chance to be seen by all the team members. I believe that this analysis will be a great guide for me to brainstorm ideas and convince others about my plan. After performing SWOT analysis I identified the main stake holders who will oppose or encourage me for implementing the service, these include the head of pharmacy department and the director of hospital pharmacy.

In order to gain the positive support from these stakeholders, I will apply some of the human resources management skills that I have learned in the course. I want to allocate pharmacist powers in an efficient way to establish the service. In my hospital the internal medicine floor has 2 small pharmacies (satellite) that run by a pharmacist who prepare ordered medications without any clinical roles, I thought that it’s better to train pharmacy technicians to serve this task and transfer the pharmacist into the ward to check the cases based on the prioritization and cover the floor hand by hand with the academic clinical pharmacist so the workload will be shared between them.

I also considered some strategies for communicating outcomes to ensure continuity of support for this service change including filling satisfaction survey by all of the internal medicine team and getting feedback on the new service from faculty members. I always thought that leaders are born not made, however, during the discussion in one of the lectures, I got exposed to different leadership styles including Directive, Democratic and Laissez-faire style. I have noticed that the most effective leaders will be able to assess each situation and adapt their style to the best fit because different situations require different styles of leadership. I observed the elements that make a good leader then I considered myself as a leader as I wanted to implement a change by providing options to inspire my organization to accept my new service vision.Nevertheless, In order to convince people about my proposal I should have a clear understanding of my personality type. I believe that it’ significant to recognize my own personality type in order to work with my academic colleague, medical staff and students.

Furthermore, I wanted to focus on my own strength and weakness before convincing the others with my new proposed service that I want to implement. I was fortunate because one of the lecturers introduced to us a model that can be used by people to understand their personalities to manage conflicts at work. This model called Myers Briggs type indicator which developed by psychologist Carl G. Jung, to be used to determine individual communication preference. the results of my test showed that I had a robust preference toward extroversion. I know this it true because I prefer group activities and get energized by social interactions. Moreover, immense part of my personality lies in being sensing person.

It’s truly reflects my trait because I prefer to work while having clear and tangible information and I enjoy being self-conscious and success driven, perfectionistic and eager to improve. My personality type engages better with people whom embrace team work and expect the same performance and respectability from others that they strive for themselves. Moreover, I like to have plans and know what dates and deadlines are coming up rather than trying to work out last minute. I am confident that all these qualities will help me in my career since the desire and actions to implement new service in a large institution like my university hospital needs a person who carry similar qualities, more over mentoring student during clinical rotation require me to be very organized, having a fully explained monthly and weekly schedule to be given to the students to guide them during each rotation.

Another important aspect that will help me to succeed in my career is to understand the elements of Giving an effective feedback as feedback is an essential element in my work specially while supervising six year pharmacy students in their internal medicine rotation, it’s mandatory to give them feedback on their performance every 2 weeks. During the course lectures I understood that Feedback is a useful tool for providing guidance by supplying information in a useful manner, either to support effective behavior, or to guide someone back on track toward successful performance.

I learned that to give an effective feedback I should State the constructive purpose of it and it’s better to make a behavior focused feedback on one area of performance rather than mixing both positive and negative feedback and overloading a person with several behaviors to continue or change, because people will acknowledge the positives and forget about the negative. I should offer helpful suggestions by including feasible examples. I am sure that the methods of giving feedback that I gathered from the lecturer experience and tools given during the course will assist me tremendously whenever I dealt with students or during the department meeting for new service proposal.

In conclusion, the material covered in MP926 course allowed me to become more focused person by appreciating my strength and leading skills to implement a change in the institution that I work for, I am confident that by applying all the knowledge that I gained about human resource management, personality traits, leadership theories and effective feed-back I will flourish as a person, teacher and clinical pharmacist and will reach advanced stages in my career path.


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