Why I Want to Be Admitted to the University of Delaware MBA

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During my undergraduate studies at the University of Tampa I was able to pursue my passion for mathematics. Where I was able to learn and strengthen my math abilities while also learning how they can be used in an everyday manor. My understanding for math topics was enriched by a series of lectures that I attended at the University of Tampa. It is this practical application that has led me to other maths-related subjects such as finance, accounting and business. I want to study finance because it is a fascinating discipline dealing with money, markets, and valuation that is relevant to all aspects of business. The financial system is there to make sure that those with good ideas get the money necessary to carry them out while also being concerned with the relationship between investor expectations about the future and current market.

One of my biggest accomplishments in college was being elected Vice President of Finance for Pi Beta Phi. My responsibilities as the Chief Financial Officer, were managing accounts receivable and developing a budget that gave my officers more control in achieving their own goals for our chapter. This included billing over 100-chapter members and perusing delinquent accounts. I lead the development of a $56,000 annual chapter budget while managing and tracking the budgets of 10 individual officers. I also manage accounts payable for the chapter that included payments to vendors and Fraternity Headquarters.

In regards to my short term goal, it would be of a length of two to five years. After graduation, I would like to work as a financial analyst in a moderate-sized corporation where I will be offered challenges and opportunity to grow with the company. By gaining more and more experience, I hope to be promoted to the junior management level to help to develop strategies and implementing the goals of the corporation. As globalization has been the trend, I would like to gain further credibility in the financial field by being a CFA charterholder. After obtaining this qualification, I believe I would be well equipped with a strong understanding in finance. My long-term goal would be to become a senior manager in a corporation. I hope to be a leader that can make an impact when involved in making decisions and developing strategies for the company.

When researching different MBA programs I was looking for a program that was small and diverse. One of the key benefits of the University of Delaware MBA is the flexible approach following their full time program. With seven-week terms, the flexibility makes it possible to take more courses and thus optimize the interaction with world-renowned faculty. With the amount of electives the MBA has to offer brings in the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge. Taking the general electives will strengthen my ability to lead and manage people, while being able to take class more focused in my goals. This MBA offers classes that peak my interest such as Data Mining, Corporate Financial Analysis, Decision Analysis and many more. I look forward to the variety of networking opportunities that await me during the studies that I can use to improve my career. This MBA will give me the ability to think creatively, learn management skills and overall will help me achieve my long term goals.

If admitted to the program, I will bring with me my enthusiasm, dedication, and a dependable work ethic. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my life and see much of it as a stepping stone toward a successful future in the business world. I now need to expand my skill set beyond its current level and I see the curriculum offered at University of Delaware as the perfect way to do so.

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