Why I Took AP Language

Updated April 22, 2022

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Why I Took AP Language essay

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One fact about me is I hate literature classes they have never been a favorite of mine. Last year I would sit in class and sleep. Never have I liked them because I strongly dislike reading and writing which is odd because we used these two skills everyday of our lives. If we didn’t have them we’d be held back in life from many things with communications. Writing and reading for long times have given me migraines but you know you got to get over yourself and do it. Writing this right now I dread it so much, it has me thinking do I even want to take this class anymore. In all honesty this whole year and even in this moment I will bullshit my way through this because that’s what I do as a teenager when I dislike something. With that doesn’t also mean I won’t be doing the same work as others and completing the assignments. That’s the ‘responsible’ thing to do. Nobody is forcing me to take this class this is all on me because I want to challenge myself to see if I can pull through and the AP curve and credits are a bonus. What I just wrote is all negative about literature, but I do have respect for it. Literature is one platform many people have used to expressed and share their thoughts from stories, ted talks, songs, poems, etc. The way I think about it is it’s almost like brushing your hair, if you don’t for a while it becomes tangled and matted, a huge mess. If we didn’t use language life would be more complicated and troubling. A brush for the hair is like language for our mouths its helps or not depending however which way you use it.

In ‘America the Illiterate’, Chris Hedges stated, ‘Many eat at fast food restaurants not only because it is cheap but because they can order from pictures rather than menus.’ This is saying that people use pictures rather than reading a description of something which is easier. That’s crazy and what is strange is I bet you do it too without even thinking you’re doing it. This is one good reason why taking language classes are good because as you continue habits like this and then your skills become dull. The lack to use the skill has become less used for those whose jobs do not require these skills. The only people I’ve seen wanting to sharpen their skills are the ones trying to get a good education for the career they are studying for or people who are foreign. In America its strange because we are given the opportunity to learn these skills for free, but many take it for granted unlike others.

The next article called ‘How Texas Teaches History’ by Ellen Rockmore, ‘The books play down the horror of slavery and even seem to claim that it had an upside.” In this article it was saying how the books were written were miscommunicating what happened when writing about slavery. When it comes to writing you must be careful what you write because it’s hard to convey thoughts and put them perfectly on paper and then have someone read it. If you were to write a story and let thirty different people read it and ask them what about it is would be different. Along the line you would want their responses to be the similar. In a writing class they get you to write many essays and then sometimes they get others to review them. That gives an insight to how others view your work. That’s like when people publish their books and people read them. Critics critique their work. Although you can write good doesn’t mean you wrote what’s correct. The history books were not properly using words that described slavery. In language you must be careful and use the right words to properly convey what you’re trying to write.

‘How to Tell a True War Story’, by Tim O’Brien he said, ‘Cooze, he says. He does not say bitch. He certainly does not say women, or girl. He says cooze.’ He precisely uses a specific word to refer to this woman, the women he was writing about the war story with her lost one. He could’ve used cunt, bitch, thot, or any other offensive word. He used this precise word because he felt like that perfectly described her when she he never wrote back. That shows how language is more just a description its can be a feeling. You ever look at someone and lets say you don’t like the individual in particular and you think something like, “Damn there such an ass!” It carries emotions within you and out. This sort of makes the words more alive.

In “People with Depression Use Language Differently”, Al-Mosaiwi stated, “Language can be separated into two components: content and style. The content relates to what we express – that is, the meaning to subject matter or statements. It will surprise no one to learn that those with symptoms of depression use and excessive amount of words conveying negative emotions, specifically negative adjectives and adverbs – such as “lonely’, “sad” or “miserable”. In this quote it shows how people with depression describe how they feel and how they use common words to describe what they feel. When you feel something its almost hard to say what you feel because everyone feels different with emotion’s but they along the line can feel similar. In Language you can’t always describe a feel 100% but you can get close or you do know exactly what to say. With them saying content and style that it has when people are talking, in the paragraph I talked about how he knew exactly what to say and when he said it, it had a feel to it. Content would be what you say, and style would be how you said it with emotions and if we could feel the feelings off them. Language isn’t all about what you say it can be the emotions and the feelings. Its sounds complicated to explain but I figure you know what I’m talking about just like when people rant you feel and see the anger in their expressions and tone. People with depression struggle with this even people without can. It’s hard to properly convey what you feel.

Next article called, “Looking at Language”, by Richard Lederer said, “Slang is hot and slang is cool. Slang is nifty and slang is wicked.” He is saying what slang is by using slang words to describe them. In language its keeps developing and people which most younger people make up slang. Slang is another tool of describing or calling something. Slang has become so popular that many younger kids use it more than proper English which is not too good for them. In my belief I think its okay to use slang but not when you’re trying to write a paper to school or on a job application, etc. The author stated that, “English language, it will look as if it has been run over by a musical comedy.” Which is almost true because if you listen to slang it sounds odd and sometimes confusing.

Lastly the article called, “The Case for Cursing” by Kristin Wong said, “But profanity serves a physiological emotional and social purpose – and its effective only because it’s inappropriate. “The paradox is that it’s that very act of suppression of the language that creates those same taboos for the next generations.” This is saying that cussing counts as language it’s a part of it but its seen as a taboo, so it’s never used but it is effective. It’s weird to me how cussing is a taboo, but its language why put a limit to language. I get that it is seen disrespectful and inappropriate, but they have meanings and can show feelings or to describe something. When I hear people cuss and they use it in a “right” way it sounds so much better and more expressive. Why should cussing be a taboo I believe it shouldn’t and I’m not afraid to use it I already did in this essay. The only time I don’t is around my mom because she doesn’t believe in it. That’s her but not me and it depends on certain people when they use certain words. People choose words based off what they like and want to use. It always varies around who they are around when he chooses words.

In conclusion, language is a very complicated way to communicate because you must use it in a specific way to convey the thoughts you would like to share but also how to express it correctly, so people know what you’re saying. All these articles prove why language is complicated and taking language classes improve this skill and how it is needed or we all be in a big tangles mess because we wouldn’t know how to communicate properly to one another.

Why I Took AP Language essay

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