Slang in English Language

Updated April 22, 2022

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Slang in English Language essay

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English has been changing continuously. Certain words that were not accepted hundreds of years ago are now ordinary in the English language. The change in the grammar and phrasing appears to be intuitive. Amongst all of the changes is the use of Internet slang. Internet slang is all around us these days, and it has become the colloquial language that we use in our conversations on a daily basis. To the people who do not use Internet slang can look at it like an incomprehensible language. Nevertheless, Internet slang has evolved through the Internet and our conversations, now the slang we use on the Internet does not seem abnormal.

Our society sends millions of messages every day using emails, social media, mobile applications, and so on. The number of messages that are exchanged day-to-day has led to the evolution of Internet slang. Among the slang terms that have been created through the Internet and are used regularly are: “brb” (be right back), “lol” (laughing out loud), “idk” (I don’t know), “smh” (shaking my head), “u” (you), “btw” (by the way). Using terms like these have become convenient because it accelerates conversations, it reduces the use of keystrokes, etc. People just do not like using big words, shortcuts are always handy. Also, our communicative behavior, language, and psychology are affected by the subtle influence of internet slang (Crystal, 2006). At first, one may think that internet slang will not help you learn a language. However, as the world accepts these abbreviations, they can help you to become more engaged in this type of English. We just

Furthermore, the way people are chatting online is evolving Internet slang. One may not be able to assemble a substantial list of Internet slang because it is evolving regularly. It has spread through various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and because of that some phrases such as “TL;DR” (Too long; didn’t read) and “Selfie” have been added to the dictionary. Jong062 (2017) Twitter has played a crucial part in the evolution of Internet slang since, “users as they must concise a message or a thought into 140 words, resulting in new acronyms, expressions or even slangs”. Music is also another way how Internet slang spreads. For example, “YOLO” which stands for “You Only Live Once” has spread extensively. YOLO became popular because a song “The Motto” by Drake”; now it is used in casual conversations. Moreover, if we were to look around us, it would become evident that everybody spends more and more time communicating through the Internet, which makes it inevitable that the Internet will have its own type of language.

In conclusion, we never know when will change, it is an ongoing process. We all adapt to new types of slang as it evolves, since it may not exist in the next five years. People may say Internet slang is not good for the youth regardless, the internet is creating some cool slang and we just have to accept it. Internet slang has altered our language for the better, it has evolved and become a phenomenal. Besides who does not like saying “brb” when they are in a hurry.

Slang in English Language essay

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