Why I Interested about Career in Cosmetology Field

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“A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.” – Author Unknown

In order to become a Cosmetologist, a person must need to know how to have time managing skills and a lot of patience. The quote above explains how sometimes you are someone you aren’t and you try to change that. The quote really inspired me to try to be the real me and not show that I’m scared to be me. NEVER be afraid to always be confident and express who you truly are. I thought that I would never lose myself in makeup. But here we are! In this paper I will talk about the specific education and qualities for Cosmetologists. There are so many different majors in Cosmetology.

There are so many different ways to become a cosmetologist. The major points of becoming a cosmetologist are specific education requirements, certification, and qualities that you need. According to the Beauty Schools directory the education is like having your degree and a major in cosmetics. “Here in North Carolina you must complete the requirements of the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners” (Beauty School Directory). You must also be a minimum of 16 years old. You must have your high school diploma. There are many different subjects and majors in cosmetology that some of the education is different from each other.

Like another major in the cosmetics area is Manicurists and Pedicurists, they do finger and toenails. There is also a career in the cosmetology field that I like is an Esthetician. They are so focused on the body and they do facials and it helps you de-stress. The education requirements for an Esthetician is you must take many classes but I will name only a few of them. You must take a 40 hour class for Anatomy, first aid, hygiene and facial and body treatments.

Some things that cosmetologists do are Hair, Permanent Makeup, Nails, and Skin massages. According to one of my old family friend, Heather you must go through pain to get to the beauty. As she should now because she has worked at a salon here in Sylva for a while now and she was finally eligible to open up her own salon. My Mom says this saying it goes like “Beauty is pain.”

I do agree. You can’t just wake up the next morning and look beautiful from the start. And if you do congrats on being beautiful I guess. Everybody has those days where they don’t want to try to look good. And then there are others like me who try and try to look their best but don’t get credited for it. “Du bist schön” is what my mom says to me and my sisters every morning. It means “You are beautiful” in German.

There are special qualities you need to be a cosmetologist. In this paragraph I will hit the main points for you to know. You need Adaptability: You must be ready for some changes you have to get used to whatever it is that hits you. A good cosmetologist needs: Creativity: You don’t think those looks can create themselves. Do you? A cosmetologist also may need: Good Manual Dexterity: A cosmetologist has to work well with their hands. If it means cutting hair preforming a facial (Cosmetologist Schools ). According to Cosmetologist Schools. These skills could be learnt in just a day but to become a good cosmetologist you need to practice over years and years.

There is specific training you must take for whatever your major is. Every person will face challenges. According to beautyschools.com a certain requirement is you have to complete a 300 hour training at a licensed school. You must be clean, safe, and free of pathogens. You must have a high school diploma or you’re GED and you must attend a MUA school. You may have to drive to an exact place no matter how long it takes you have to if you want the job (Beauty School Directory).

There is a salary for every career and the North Carolina average pay is pretty high. Just like the education requirements for the different groups of cosmetology, the pay is the same. The average cosmetologist pay in North Carolina is $28,131 per year. The average pay for an Esthetician in North Carolina is $41,642. Manicurists and Pedicurists pay in NC is $24,330(Beauty Schools). There are many different things that you do in the different subjects. Manicurists and Pedicurists they do nail art, but they also do hand and foot massages. Estheticians do facial and massages as well but they also do waxing and chemical masks. Cosmetology is a very tough career.

There is a lot of pros and cons in cosmetology. Some pros are: Meeting new people, talking about stuff and learning new things about people. Also you get to make other people feel good about themselves and you let them express your creativity. But….there are cons. One being sometimes you meet costumers that don’t really enjoy you or your creativity. Sometimes people have problems with other people whether it is personal or not it still sucks.

Having to do someone’s makeup or nails while in both of your minds, you both hate each other? My cousin’s ex-girlfriend Heather Lee once worked at LUXE Salon. But one day she got kicked out by a person she had been working with for years. So if you ever do hate someone that is doing your hair or makeup but appreciable. They could have made you look like a clown but no they decided to be nice.

My inspiration to get into this career was the hope and beauty that would come through and help me pull through. When I was little I never knew I would turn out to be a girl who was girly and all prettied up. I used to like to touch snakes and bugs and now I’m scared of them. I loved going outside to roll in the mud but now I like staying indoors and putting on face masks.

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