Why Going to College in State is Best for First Year Students

Updated November 18, 2021

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Why Going to College in State is Best for First Year Students essay

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The decision to attend college is a huge deal. When you list the pros and cons of going to a big-name school, an ivy league, or a community college, you are usually unsure of the right decision as a high school senior. You want to please your parents, impress your friends, and still be able to have a lot of academic success where-ever you decide. The simple and smart answer to help cancels out a large part of college decision stress is for first year students to attend an in-state college/university.

I am currently a freshman that goes to an in-state university. The benefits of staying in state, go far and beyond the distance from school and home. Do your research. You may have the best public or private institution ‘in your backyard’. The best place to find yourself as a young adult is staying close to home, and things and people you know. Growing up fast is truly overrated, let the first year of college be a continuous high school with a mix of new adult opportunities. According to the 2017 Sallie Mae/ Ipsos survey on How America Pays for College, “nearly three quarters – 73 percent – of students and their families selected an in-state college. That’s up 3 percentage points from last year.” Reasons for this high percentage of in-state college students is why me and many others out-weighted our decisions. In- state colleges/ universities come with major benefits for incoming freshman; the low cost, your parents are close, the area is familiar, and many networking opportunities.

In State tuition is a substantial lower cost than out- of-state college tuition. Referring to The Guardian’s article, The harsh truth: US colleges are businesses, and student loans pay the bills says that “Colleges are a business”; they want to make help build a better future for their students and the world, but “your students loans pays the bill.” Why waste money at an out-of-state school that you are unsure or nervous about? College is already stressful and time consuming enough, don’t get caught up in the Universities gimmicks. Stay in state with financial confidence. No one says you have to stay forever but relax in comfort while deciding on your next move. Save for future schools you may need to attend later.

Like for your Master’s and doctorate etc. Get a bang for your buck. According to The College Board’s Trends in College Pricing, tuition and fees for in-state students at public four-year institutions was $9,410 in 2015-16. Compare that to the out-of-state public college tuition of $23,893 ($34,031 with room and board)”. Think about your family, how will the tuition to go to an out of state university effect your family’s finances? Many families cannot afford college. Loans are not nice, and grants and scholarships don’t come easy. Plan for your future; make a smart decision as a college freshman that will set you up for success later in life. The benefits of the low cost of staying in state also is the convenience of being close to home.

According to Kelsey Spigelmire an advocate to in state college states in the article 8 Benefits Of Going To College In-State. In this article she states “People go out of state to get away from their parents all the time, but once you’re there long enough, you’ll realize that sometimes you actually need your parents. Or like all the time, if you’re me.” I cannot express on how true this quote is. I miss my parents every day, although new technology like FaceTime and instant message make it convenient to communicate these days, nothing is the same like a sweet home visit. Parents and family are your lifesavers as a freshman. When you ace a test, when you fail a test, when you over sleep for class; everything is better when mom can come and give you a hug.

Also, everything is new as a freshman, and the help and guidance of loved ones is very useful. Then there are the perks of going home to your own bed, a home cooked meal and visiting pets will always brighten up your day. Home is where the heart is. You can always go to a school far enough but close to drive to every weekend, like me. I enjoy being able to call my mom and asking her to meet me for lunch or some for therapy- shopping when I need some quality- alone time away from campus. And if you are like a lot of 18 year olds ,leaving home so suddenly is scary, so commuting to college is possible when you stay in state. In state college/ universities offers common ground and familiarness.

When you go to college in-state you don’t have to be ‘a lost puppy’, on your own trying to navigate around this big world, just yet.You don’t have to sprout into a tree just so fast. All things grow with nutrients (education), water (comfort), and sun (familiarity). Why be uncomfortable? There is no need for a GPS. Stay focus on the road because you know your way around your town. According to Teen driving accidents statistics reveal need for GPS driving the article states “Distraction is the reason many teens are involved in accidents. Distraction was a key factor in 58 percent of crashes involving drivers ages 16 to 19”. Then there are your local friends. Have buddies to hang out with on the weekend. There are the benefits of visiting other local schools functions, with your friends. Also, there is possibility for you to become a student of the school you’ve been rooting for your entire life. I bet that sounds fun! When you are familiar with a place the better chance to build networking opportunities.

You know the local places to eat and shop.I personally enjoy the ability to drive my car to place my parents have taken me before. Its convenient. I always know the “what I like and do not like” places are around. I get to show my new friends where I grew up.We can all go shopping at my favorite mall. Have a good meal when the Commons food gets annoying. I can always locate my necessity places.

Be a smart college student all around. Logos- Appeals to saving money and having more of it by going to college in state. Pathos- Appeals to you and your parents emotions of how much happier things can be to stay close to family. Ethos – I personally know the great feeling of being close to home and knowing my surroundings in a comfortable environment. Kairos- Timing is everything, and the best networking could be where you are now. Reiterating the advantage of knowing, because knowledge is key. The support and claims of first year students going to an in state college/university is presented before-hand and respectfully show the steps of a casual paper.

Why Going to College in State is Best for First Year Students essay

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