Why Do We Dream?

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Have you ever had a dream that was so amazing and crazy, that you didn’t want to wake up? Have you ever had a nightmare that scared you so much, you did not want to leave your bed in the morning? Why do people dream? A lot of people would love to know why they dream, because their dreams can be so unrealistic sometimes. Dreams are a type of hallucination that happens in one of the stages of sleep.

Along with dreams being a sleep hallucination, they also can have a part in learning, memory and emotions according to an animal study. A study on rat dreams resulted that their dreams help them with problem solving. For example it helped the rat get through a maze. Dreams regulate your metabolism, blood pressure and brain function. Whenever you’re dreaming it is when your in a deep sleep. So dreaming is a sign that you’re getting good rest. Because you are in such a deep sleep, your dreams are often unclear when you wake up and are very hard to remember. Some people believe dreams are a peak of the future.

A lot of the time you have dreams about important memories and information. Another type of dream is a nightmare. Nightmares are usually just scary dreams, and are caused by stress, anxiety or maybe they are even a reaction to a certain medicine. But some people have a certain sleeping disorder which causes them to have nightmares every night. Some dreams that are very common have a meaning. A dream where you are falling usually means you are struggling in work, a relationship, etc. If you have a dream where all your teeth fall out, that is a sign of having low self confidence. A dream where you show up somewhere naked is common if you have just gotten a promotion or have just made a big change, like a change in schools.

Dreams are starting to be used to warn us about brain diseases. People with certain brain diseases all had a certain violent type of dream years before, but it is hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of dream.There is research that says if you have violent, physical dreams often you have an 80-100% chance of developing a neurodegenerative disorder. A sleeping disorder called RBD is where people act out in their dreams causing them to kick, punch or violently fly out of bed in real life while they sleep. At night a stage of sleep is called REM. During REM your body can experience a type of muscle paralysis. Some peoples REM cells are always sickend first. Then it leads to a disorder. Scientists are trying to find a cause and a diagnosis.

While some people think dreams are completely random and innocent, they could be warnings and signs of health risks, death, or just encouraging things that could be in our future. Dreams are an important and interesting thing because they regulate the body, shows people are getting good rest and gives signs if something is wrong or right in a person’s lives.


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