What Is Racism?

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Racism, also known as racial discrimination is the belief that status and capacities can be attributed to individuals fundamentally on the premise of their race and that some racial assembly are better than others, which is a very serious issue. Besides, in the dictionary define that it is the prejudice or discrimination that is conducted in opposition to individuals with different beliefs or race. Alas, racism can be notice almost everywhere, even in a high school. Provoke, bullying, verbal abuse and exclusion. All these configurations of racism can be nowadays distinguished in high schools. Students constitute different races find it tremendously hard to make friends with their peers from the other “races circles”.

One more cause why racism should be abolished lies within the fact that some students incompetent their own parental and culture merits. When being discriminated and separated for their culture, students begin to make themselves fit the conventional culture. As an outcome, they abandon their parental and cultural values just to steer clear of prejudice. This lead the way to the identity confusion. Adolescent people never know who they are anymore and what place they really belong to. Racism has also been one of the essential reasons of drop out cases at schools. Being discriminated, students will start hating school and, as a result they will stay away from it. They give preference to stay in rather than meet the ones who tease them. It is no wonder that they end up dropping out of school. This will give a major negative effect on their lives. They end up getting frustrated, felt defeated and even may involve on crimes.

Have the teachers been somehow affected by racism? Definitely, of course they affect to student. They might be mock by the teachers. Therefore, they lose confidence in their professional capability to teach and passion for teaching. They will end up with being hesitant to go to work and have a depression and also anxiety. These cases will significantly lower their academic performance that affects the education system. This is another strong argument why racism should be totally eliminated immediately.

We will be impressed to know that some people have tried to point out some positive sides of racism. Based on the perspective to some of them, the racist incident can assist and help an individual to grow stronger person. How do they argue this? To their mind, one can obtain more pronounced resilience levels in the process of resisting and respond to the separation and discrimination. This argument has been misconception from the very beginning. The thing is that racism has been proven to cause self-doubts and low self-esteem that can turn an individual into a delicate and unhappy person.

In conclusion racism is something that should have not happened and it is sad that it did. Racism is now one of the most critical social vices and we must take it in the most serious way. Also, racial bias in school affect student learning and even has become the reason of lower academic performance. Furthermore, it has also affected the health statement of its victims and highly compromised sociality in high schools. All the effects mentioned above have resulted in weak community. Without a doubt, it is highly important to take anti-racism measures in schools in order to prevent the sad racism cases in the future.

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