What I Think about Writing and Writing Process

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I have never enjoyed or truly understood writing. It wasn’t that I did not understand the criteria, but it was that I felt as if my writing has yet to reach its full potential and I am quite an impatient person. In spite of that, I do feel as if my writing has accelerated since my earlier years of writing. It wasn’t until I enrolled into college that I realized that I might as well begin to enjoy it. It is more so of a love and hate relationship. My association with formulating has been an unsteady rollercoaster, with taking off highs and unsettling lows. Be that as it may, by some possibility it has driven me to where I’m at today, and for that, I am glad.

As for the writing process, it is likewise something that I have never truly had any interest in. I feel as if, I am a better composer when I am simply writing down my thoughts as I go. Taking time to do every step of the writing process contains focus and time and I am quick to misplace my thought process. Reasons why I endeavor to keep note of my contemplations if I cannot get to my paper at the moment. I’d rather record my thoughts and then go back to revise. So, you can say that I am backwards, yet it just works better for me. However, I am anticipating the development and the learning of new levels of the writing process, so I can, in the long run, utilize it.

I initially began writing in grade school. Like my peers, my written work was quite essential and simple. As a nine-year-old, getting a good grade on a paper was comparable to winning the lottery. I was so overjoyed, and my fervor about devising grew ten times. My brain was then set; I would grow up and turn into an author, of course, that changed on career day. Soon enough, my middle school and high school days crept upon me. One thing that I was unaware of, and was also failed to be mentioned, was that as I advanced through the grades, calligraphy would no longer be mythical and fun.

I was then given no other option, but to be introduced to a new level of writing and developed a different perspective. Now writing was presently about research, examination, and utilizing certainties. There was limited space for imagination or self-articulation, and this was assuredly not something that I enjoyed. Like some other circumstance, I could adjust and modify my written work style to prevail in this new writing, yet my enthusiasm for narrating diminished to an unsurpassed low. I can genuinely say that at the time, the academia caused the separation amongst concocting and me.

Just a year back, I was a junior in high school and enrolled in English 11, a class that was said to be, ‘essential.’ When I got into the class, I suspected that the class would contain composing papers. Sufficiently reasonable, it was precisely what I anticipated. The goal of the class contained composing, no less than, two papers every week, which was said to set us up for the English Writing SOL. I did not enjoy formulating so, composing two papers a week was quite a hassle. We were given a package with more than seventy-five written work prompts, which were cited prompts or genuine noted prompts.

None of which extremely intrigued me or gave any space for imagination. I was surprised when I found in the package the prompt, “Think of a thought for a new invention that will help one of the most pressing worldwide issues. What will your idea do? In what manner will it work?” I could barely contain myself because I was so exuberant.

At last, I was allowed to expound on an interest of mine, as well as a conceivable strategy to a prominent social issue. I invested more time in that paper than I had on any other in quite a while. I really cared about how it turned out because I really enjoyed composing it and wouldn’t fret that I stayed up a bit past midnight composing it. It didn’t feel like work to me; it felt like an art project. I wound up receiving an A, and my teacher recommended that I submit it to an artistic and literary magazine. Truly, it was a battle, and a few feelings were harmed, yet composing all of a sudden felt different to me.

Not only did I begin to enjoy writing in a way, I found my genre of composing. I enjoy creative writing. What is creative writing? You may ask. Creative Writing tends to be expressive, innovative, and artistic. Readers of experimental writing writings look for delight, stimulation, and understanding of human battles and conduct. A somewhat loosely characterized genre, there are numerous types of inventive articulation, including verse, fiction, show, screenwriting, imaginative, and travel composing. Because of developing advances, new experimental writing genres are rising, for example, tune concoction, PDA books, and Twitter-verse.

So, what is my association with composing? I would call it a love-hate relationship, with an inventive contort. What is writing to me? “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers”, once said, Isaac Asimov. What are my feelings about the writing process? I do feel that to some, it may be very useful, but personally, I feel that I do not need it. Although composition has been somewhat rough for me, it has additionally had its high points, as I’ve specified previously. Writing has not always been my strongest attribute, but it has shown me a different way to express myself.

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