Violence Against Women in India Should Stop

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Violence against women is a major public health and the biggest human rights problem in India. Violence is a behavior in which a powerful person abuses and takes advantage of less powerful persons. Violence against women is mostly a gender-based and sexual-based violence. Indian culture assumes that men are superior to women. We read many cases of violence against women daily in the news. Violence against women has been a big issue not just in India but also all over the world. Violence against women affects all cultural, racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

It does not affect women only, but it affects their family, their social life, and a reputation of the family. Violence against women can happen at any age and sometimes it can happen to an unborn child. There are different types of violence against women; it may be domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, murder, rape, workplace harassment, dowry harassment, teasing, and many more in nature. Physical violence involves the use of force like hitting, kicking, or burning. One in four women are victims of physical abuse resulting in injury, disability or death.

Emotional abuse is an abusive behavior, which can include verbal aggression and constant criticism to more Manipulation, humiliation, and intimidation. One of the hardest forms of abuse to recognize is the emotional abuse. It is highly damaging for your confidence and self-esteem. In India, most of the In-law uses emotional abuse against their daughter-in-law to get dowries like gold, money, property, and much more. A sexual violence occurs when one force or attempts to obtain a sexual act by violence or against his or will. An example of sexual violence includes rape, sexual harassment, inappropriate touching and stalking.

Sexual violence is a very serious problem that affects millions of people and the crime rising each year in India. These days crime are rising significantly even a child is not safe to go out in India. A violence against women in India is one of the major problem, where even an unborn girl is not safe. There are some people in India who consider girls as a burden in a family from generation to generation. There are so many narrow-mined people in India that believes that the girls are just born to get marry and go into to a new family.

A mindset people belief that girls are burned because when a girl gets married, a girl’s family have to pay a huge amount of dowry to a boy side family. They think that girls are just meant to be a caretaker of the house. A narrow-mined people in India kill an unborn child because it’s a girl. Table 1 shows 2001 Census figures point to a sex ratio for 0-6 age group. Ahmad, Nehaluddin. ‘Female feticide in India.’ Issues in Law & Medicine, Summer 2010, p. 13+. Criminal Justice Collection, http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A235279609/PPCJ?u=tel_a_wscc&sid=PPCJ&xid=d4c3bb07. “The sex ratio gap at birth further widened by 2002-2003, according to some rough estimates from civil registration of births, to 882 females per 1000 males” (Nehaluddin).

Female feticide is a sex-selective abortion, usually done by families and the number of infanticide cases increasing significantly. A mindset people from generation to generation in India are killing the girls before they have an opportunity to see the world, just because they are girls and believes that they are burned. All types of crimes against women are increase every year in India.” Four Indian states namely, Rajasthan (3440), Kerala (1028), Andhra Pradesh (731) and Delhi (607) have collectively registered 73% of cases under the law in the country in between October 2006 to July 2007 and even among such high performers, there exists wide discrepancy as Rajasthan’s share in the contribution is almost 60%” (Ghosh & Choudhuri).

A crime is increase very highly, but there are some prevention of violence against women. There are some laws that prevents the crimes against women are like prohibition of child marriage, dowry prohibition, illegal to determine the sex of the baby, and death penalty for child rapists. Violence against women could stop by promoting a gender equality, school creating safe data programs like dating violence, emotional, and sexual abuse that can prevent crimes against women. Families educating their children to create gender equality and to respect women.

They are many more prevention people could to prevent the crimes against women. Violence against women is a major women rights problem in India. People can prevent the crime against women by using some prevention, but there are some people who doesn’t care about until it happens to them. Violence against the women in India is one the frightful crime and it should immediately. People needs to open their eyes, voice up to prevent the crimes against women all around the world.


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