Types of Inequality in South Africa

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As global populations continue to grow experientially, we become more aware of the strain it puts on both the environment and society. This then results in an imbalance amongst civilisation. 1/2 of the world all you said unemployment can be blamed on major political events we as the other half assumes that things like race ethnicity and religion is the cause.

South Africans we are faced with our own unique forms of inequality caused by various factors. events such as a parasite caused inequality amongst different racial groups and different genders. we later learned that the world power of upper class to maintain their wealth and status in society also causes inequality amongst so societies. the unfair distribution of wealth results in various school problems such as conflict which makes the stability of the government very questionable they then use methods such as increasing text to find social grounds as a means to counter the effect that unfair distribution has on the lower classes.

Privately owned a motivated wealth was the result of many factors including inequality. the state that I to counter the effects of unfairly distributed wealth by implementing different forms of integration procedures without breaking any laws. this sudden increase to promote economic growth with pleasure on nature. the inability of the South African government to ensure proper employment who is the crack in inequality to increase.

Government funding to relieve the poor from economical stress is not sufficient and the bottom half of society still suffers while the other top half progressively gains wealth. The South African government used the idea that most of the wealth is owned by whites to cover up corruption which led to an increase in inequality as well as poverty which ultimately caused great conflict amongst people in society. There are numerous ways of alleviating they effects caused by inequality such as increasing the amount of tax paid by the wealthy and also providing free education for the underprivileged but with these means also comes the responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

The health of the poor is drastically compromised do you do the unfair land distribution the ability to access things like clean water and access to decent health care facilities are limited. bill various reasons for inequality one of them being nuclear geographies. inequality reminds a global problem and South Africa seems to pursue this trend the race also plays an important role in inequality and to today as the present government tries to minimize the effects of the apartheid era. When a closer look is taken at South Africa’s inequality, the unfair distribution of power and wealth amongst different classes becomes a dominant factor amongst the other reasons for inequality.

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