Types of Human Behavior in Society

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Table of Contents

From the beginning all human beings are social creatures. Without all these social interactions no human being can survive. Rather each person has to depend on other person at some points in life. That is why social interaction is important and without this study of social behavior would not be completed without considering all these interactions. Also according to the latest research of the US it says that life spam of the people with very low social contact is on risk.

Social behavior in human being is that kind of behavior which directly interacts the society as well as which surrounds the human being. The definition from biological perspective is also very useful in order to understand the social behavior: ‘It is defined as the interaction among different people but normally within the same species, that are usually beneficial to one or more of the individuals.’ Examples which relates the human beings with social behavior includes:

  1. Hand shaking
  2. Discipline of a child
  3. Sharing a meal

In phycology the social behavior is related directly towards the social conduct showed by the individual living in the society which shows their behavior and also their belongings. A society as a whole creates a best environment for citizens. The examples which falls into the social cognitive process are the attitude changes

In Psychology, there are 8 types of human behavior that relates to the society:

  1. Overt Behavior
  2. Covert
  3. Voluntary Behavior
  4. Involuntary Behavior
  5. Conscious
  6. Unconscious
  7. Rational Behavior
  8. Irrational
  • Overt Behavior:

The word overt means “to refer something which is clearly apparent or which is publically noticeable.” Overt behavior is noticeable behavior such as sitting running working etc. When a person is walking since it is noticeable it will be an overt behavior.

  • Covert Behavior:

The word covert means “to refer to something which is not apparent or is not openly displayed.” Covert behavior is unobservable such as thinking, dreaming. Many researchers think that covert behavior is the most important behavior which represents a whole person in the society.

  • Voluntary Behavior:

It is defined as that kind of behavior that is non-habitual behavior which is associated with somatic nervous system. For example, running or walking in the street.

  • Involuntary Behavior:

It is that king of behavior that cannot be controlled by the individual itself. For example, if someone offers you a good amount of money that whether you want to stay in or to go out to have some fun and because of that big offer you decide to stay in. This is voluntary behavior and you are voluntarily behaving in a way you normally should not have behave like that.

  • Conscious Behavior:

It is that kind of behavior in which the individual is aware of what he/she is doing. In all the action a person is fully aware and he is doing by his will. For example, you cook something because you are hungry.

  • Unconscious Behavior:

It is that kind of behavior in which the individual is not aware which is known as unconscious behavior. Most of the time is in automatic response such as beating of heart. It is done without any kind of thinking because it is automatic and is done without any conscious reasons.

  • Rational Behavior:

It is that kind of behavior that refers to the “decision making process that is based on making choices that result in the optimal level of benefit or utility for an individual.” Also, rational behavior may not include accepting the most financial or material advantage, in light of the fact that the fulfillment got could be absolutely passionate or non-money related. “For example when we are buying an item at lower price and that item is on sale we believe that it is better to buy that item on sale at lower price.

  • Irrational Behavior:

It is that kind of behavior which refers to the “unreasonable behavior that does not have any clear objective.” This type of behavior is in those people who do no listen to a reason or any common sense. They are just senseless kind of people.


In 1960s, Albert Bandura performed a series of experiments on observational learning, which is known as the Bobo doll experiments.

An observer conduct can likewise be influenced by the positive or negative results of a model’s conduct. So we watch what individuals do, however we watch what happens when they get things done. This is known as vicarious support. We are bound to mimic conduct that is compensated and cease from conduct that is rebuffed.

One gathering saw the model’s hostility being compensated (being given desserts and a beverage for a good success another gathering saw the model being rebuffed for the aggression (reprimanded), and the third gathering saw no particular results (control condition).

When they entered into the playroom i.e. children with a great success and with the controlled condition showed more of the aggression than those children who were punished because of the aggression.

The result of this experiment showed that those children who were punished for their aggressive behavior has learned by observational learning but also they did not express their aggressive behavior because of the fear of negative consequences. “Reinforcement gained by watching another person is known as vicarious reinforcement.”

This showed that the behavior of a person is heavily influence by their surroundings. It impacts the person’s behavior overall. If the surroundings are friendly he or she will surely have a good behavior overall but if it is not very friendly and harsh for the person, he or she will have aggressive behavior. This shows us that behavior is directly concerned with the environment of the human beings.


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