Types and Forms Humanities

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The main forms of the humanities can be found in films, literature, art, and drama or music. For films, I will describe the bystander in “The Hunger Games”, and analyze what it is that makes them a bystander. For literature, I will use the book “Throne of Glass” to describe and analyze the rescuer. For art, I will use a concept of art from the game “Horizon Zero Dawn” to describe the perpetrator, as well as to analyze it. And lastly, I will describe and analyze the victim in music, Shawn Mendes “In my blood”.

The Hunger Games is a film that has a large amount of bystanders in it. The bystanders in this film would be the audience watching the games and getting excited over it. These people watch the games where these kids and teenagers are mercilessly killing each other to survive, and act as if it’s just like any other reality show. The bystanders cheer for these games, make bets, buy merchandise, and essentially allow these games to continue occurring for years. They watch from the comfort of their homes, restaurants, don’t try to stop or do anything about it, which is why they can be considered bystanders. Bystanders are people who usually watch bad or wrong things happen and don’t try to intervene or help the victim, instead, they continue on with their lives as if they didn’t see anything or as if nothing was wrong. When you compare this to the audience of the games in this film, it shows how they can be portrayed as bystanders.

Throne of Glass is a literature that has an unexpected rescuer. The rescuer is an assassin that has been freed from slavery to serve a corrupt and tyrannical king. She soon learns that the king wants her to assassinate politicians that try to oppose him and want a more just system. Because of this, she helps those politicians fake their death and flee the country, making the king think that they were truly dead. The assassin rescues them to help them carry out their goal of overthrowing this corrupt king. A rescuer is someone who saves others from dangerous situations, even if it means risking their own lives to do it. Although, she may not be what most people think of a rescuer, being a well-known assassin, she still risks her own life to help these politicians among other people, escape to safety. Many people think of a rescuer as a person who is selfless, has always done the right thing, and has never lost their moral compass. An assassin probably isn’t what people think of as a rescuer, they probably think the opposite, but rescuers come in many different shapes and forms. In this sense, she fits into the image of a rescuer in this literature piece.

Art is frequently seen in humanities, and the game Horizon Zero Dawn has concept art which depicts a perpetrator. Just as a bit of background information, this game takes place thousands of years in the future when our civilization destroys itself due to creation of artificial intelligence. During the game, machines rule the earth and humans now live in tribes, not knowing how these machines came to be or who their ancestors were. These machines are the perpetrators because they actively attack these tribes without reason, forcing them to fight back or to find new places to live. This concept art (image on page _) shows a tribe that was probably fighting back a machine, running from it while carrying their injured as one continues to fight it. The machine can be seen as the perpetrator for multiple reasons. First, the way that it looks is very frightening and you can tell that it was attacking the tribe due to the crushed trees laying on the ground around it. Second, the color of its “eyes” are red which is usually associated with danger and in the game whenever a machine spots a human, its eye turns red before attacking, even if you’re not engaging it. The colors of this art can be viewed as dark and ominous, showing that these group of people are in a dangerous situation with this one giant machine. A perpetrator is someone carrying out acts that are harmful or immoral against others or even themselves. In this case, these machines are the perpetrators because they are carrying out harmful acts against these tribal people, even if they aren’t being attacked themselves.

In my Blood by Shawn Mendes is music that portrays a victim. In this song, Mendes himself is the victim, though the reason for being a victim isn’t stated. You know that he is a victim in this song because the first lyrics are “Help me”. Then, he sings about feeling like giving up, feeling like everything around him is collapsing, and that nothing is strong enough to help him. He sings about how he doesn’t want to give up, but that people tell him that things will get better but that he doesn’t feel like it will. A victim is someone who is tricked, hurt, or injured in any situation. In this song he feels insecure and overwhelmed about himself, asking and pleading for someone to help him get through this and to pull him out of this situation. He even describes having trouble breathing, but that he still doesn’t want to give up and he is trying to find a way out. This song perfectly describes a person that feels like a victim because he is hurting from something and can’t seem to find a way out, so he is calling out for help and for strength.

Film, literature, art, and music or drama are very frequently found throughout the humanities and you can find many different types of characters and roles in them if you look hard enough. Some may not even fit into one particular role, but rather multiple. A bystander in a film, such as The Hunger Games, may be hard to spot but once you know what to look for, they are easy to spot out. Literature, such as modern books like Throne of Glass, has many roles including a rescuer. Rescuers may not be what you expect, but they all have a sense of selflessness in common. Art is very important whether it is classical or modern. The art in Horizon Zero Dawn shows a story that can be easy to interpret, even if you don’t know what the story is about. Picking out the perpetrator can be a thoughtful process, but because art has so many interpretations, it won’t take long. And lastly music or drama can tell you a story, especially with In my Blood by Shawn Mendes. A victim in a song is very common because it can be easy to relate to them, but there are many different things that can be talked about in music or even drama.

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