The Hunger Games as a Dystopian Fiction

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´The Hunger Games came out in 2012 and was designed for a trilogy. Since then, it has become a big source of entertainment among families. Presented in a delightful world and it has caught some interest or imagery for some and helped a intense obsession for others. This movie will seem to simply be a story with a changing plot line about survival, love, combat and much more.

Most films will take a closer look, The Hunger Games gives multiple patterns and themes. If one observes with an informed and critical eye, issues that are presented in the film are revealed. From this, one can draw conclusions based on the way in which characters are designed. The setting is presented, and events unfold as the plot thickens.

As I watched this film, I took note of four particular sociological themes that consistently presented themselves throughout some events like race, class inequality, and class structure.

The predictions for some behavior and attitudes that the culture defines reasonable for men and woman are in some ways reinforced and in other ways challenged in this film. The first glimpse we get of a gender role being upheld is when Katniss interacts with her younger sister, Primrose.

As most women in American society is expected to be, Katniss is nurturing toward Primrose by comforting her on The Reaping Day and giving her a mockingjay pin that represents a promise of protection to her. On the flip side of this, Katniss is also presented as a pillar of strength and courage.

Dystopian has sealed a place in the genre among adult readers. The book is growing in popularity and also diversity. Some of this literature is a big trend that will take the nation. The genre has achieved a very strong background from academics and also authors. Readers after the author has become a big thing for dystopian literature.

But, this popularity among people will ask the question.. what exactly makes this genre so appealing to readers? This will affect the problems in the genre and how they reflect the real world. Surveillance, and lack of freedom are all issues of adolescent life that teens deal with everyday.

Some problems that are well known in literature has a big issue of the real world. To fully explain how dystopian shows the real world, one must understand what a dystopia is A imagined universe in which positive control and some illusion of a great society are helped through corporate, technological, moral, or totalitarian control. Despite this kind of literature and making the conditions of the world and mixing them into extremes, this shows and presents in societies are still applicable to real-life society.

What causes a nation to become corrupt and evil. In her novel, The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins portrays a country called Panem, through the eyes and voice of 16 year-old Katniss Everdeen. Through the course of this literary work, readers are shown a society that seems to have reached a pinnacle of cruelty and greed.

Panem is characterized by a government that does not honor God and His laws. Similar to God’s absence in Panem, the United States as a culture has purposefully and forcefully attempted to remove God from a place of preeminence.


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