Time Management in School

Updated October 13, 2020

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Time Management in School essay

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Going to school requires careful time management in order to be successful. We take time for granted and push off things that can hurt us in the long run. The most successful people in life always had a plan.

They didn’t get where they’re at now by procrastinating. When it comes to going to school, dedication, discipline, and motivation make he best outcome. Why is it important to manage your time when you’re in school and why does it matter? How you manage your time will determine the outcome of your success. What you do with your time now can affect your future. If you don’t manage your time correctly, you can fall behind, give up, or fail. The more you fail, the less chance of getting where need want to be in life. Prioritizing your time will put you ahead and leave you with less complications in the long run.

Managing your time will result in getting more done with extra free time and more opportunities to improve. A recent article from “The Impact of Time Management on the Students’ Academic Achievements” (2015) states that “Time management is only possible through self-motivation; performance, ability and motivation. It’s up to you to do what you can to be successful in school. Discipline involves setting rules for yourself to get the task done. You’re willing to do what it takes and taking control on how you spend your time.

Motivation means to see the positive outcome of managing your time. Dedication means staying committed all the way through no matter what obstacles come your way. Push yourself to your greatest potential. No one is going to do it for you. There can be situations that might cause you to be unmotivated like your laptop shutting down in the middle of an essay, a friend wanting to go out for drinks, or watching tv while trying to work on schoolwork. These situations can make it harder to stay on task and easier to give up or push assignments back.

When you don’t manage your time correctly, it can cause stress. Valerie P. Jackson’s “Time Management: A Realistic Approach” points out that poor time management can cause “Increased stress, anxiety, and depression. These factors led to an increase in pressure due to a time reduction which reduces accuracy and consequently a reduction in academic performance.” Poor time management will put you behind and cause mental and emotional stress. If you’re stressed, you aren’t as committed and then you start having doubts and second thoughts. If you are behind, you are more likely to rush through assignments causing you to overlook errors and make more mistakes.

Rushing can lead to trying to multitask multiple assignments at once or cheating on quizzes and exams and not properly studying material. Try to avoid these mistakes by keeping up with your work and/or getting ahead. If you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Prioritize what needs to be done first and set a routine. The more routine you make it, the easier it becomes.

Successful ways in managing your time include prioritizing your tasks, limiting distractions, taking breaks, and getting adequate amount of rest. In a short article by Matt Maybury titled “Time Management is Really life Management”, he recommends “Delegating the appropriate amount of time to get adequate sleep, maintain a healthy diet and exercising regularly are all essential elements to improve both focus and concentration. Making the time to create a healthy lifestyle will help improve your efficiency throughout the day, allowing for more time to complete other tasks.” You must make sure you are in the right mindset physically and mentally.

Lack of sleep, personal issues, diet and exercise can cause you to become less likely to focus and mentally exhausted. If you have unhealthy eating habits, you are at a higher risk of getting sick or sluggish. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are more likely to be tired throughout the day and you might push back things that you were supposed to get done during that day. The more you push it back, the less time you will have to complete it. This leads to rushing and carelessly making mistakes that could have been avoided if you would have done it the first time.

If you have personal issues like having a hard time finding a babysitter or not getting along with your parents can cause stress and puts your focus on that situation more. All these different scenarios make room for errors and the more errors you make the more likely you’re going to give up or fail. Sometimes it’s hard to get away from certain situations and things come up that you may have no control over. At that point, it’s best to get extra help or counseling. Put yourself first and take care of your health.

The benefits of managing your time outweighs the bad. It boosts your morale and makes you more self-confident.

You become better at planning and organizing. As far as employment goes, employers will see that you are productive and efficient, so you’ll stand out. This gives rise to faster promotions and more opportunities. Not only does managing your time benefit your school and work life, it can also improve your life outside of school and work. If you are staying ahead of your tasks, limiting distractions, and prioritizing your time right, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed in school. As Leonardo di Vinci once said, ““Time stays long enough for those who use it.” So use it wisely.

Time Management in School essay

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