Theme of Love and Enmity in Romeo and Juliet Summary

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In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet change by love, but they are enemies and this situation crete a so much tragedy in the book “Romeo and Juliet” by Wiliam Shakespare about the love tragic between this two characters that feel love, but they cannot stay together because of family enmity, so because of that they have to look for ways to see each other and after Tybalt’s death (Juliet’s prompt) “Romeo is banished “(3.2.124) Juliet sees a plan to make people think that she is dead to escape with Romeo, but Romeo thinks that she is dead, but it is not like that, she is just asleep and so thanks to Romeo’s despair and pain he takes his own life with his beloved.

At the beginning of the acts Shakespeare It shows us how Juliet was not interested in love and Romeo sought Rosaline’s attention without seeing her accept Romeo’s love.

So at the beginning of the story, none of these passionate lovers knew each other until the day they presented Juliet with her legitimate husband (Paris), which is why Capulet gave a party in which Romeo got “not madam … fellow (1.2.57-59), he only went to the party to see Rosalie in his encounter, but he sees Juliet and fell in love was love at first sight just like Juliet wanting to escape from marriage with Beatrice she at first he pays attention to Romeo just to avoid his marriage but when he realizes that Romeo is a Montague Juliet says “My only love came from my only hatred, Too early seen unknown and known too late! Prodigious birth of love, it is for me that I must love a hated enemy ”(1.5.), It shows us the great disappointment Juliet felt when she knew she was part of an enemy family, the man who had fallen in love was forbidden to her.

At the passing of the scenes we see the change of each one of Julieta’s characters, who initially said “love was a dream that I didn’t want something like that and after meeting Romeo she fell in love, thinking about getting married as soon as possible with him without even thinking about everything this romance would cause. On the other hand Romeo also exchanged for this love since he saw differently ”Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon ”(2.2.2-3)

This says how he fell in love with her beauty, fell madly in love and sees her as a very large and precious light. In conclusion this shows us the changes they have had at the scene as each one changes the way of thinking and acting at each moment and we see how Juliet at first only accept Romeo to escape from the Paris wedding because as we see she is not ready for marriage at the same time Romeo had another partner who loved her but she did not feel the same for him and seeing Juliet they both fell in love without waiting for it and without seeing that they should be treated as enemies not to fall in love.

Because the main cause that they cannot be together is the enmity between their relatives is because at the time when W. Shakespeare wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet”, social classes and the power that families possessed were given great importance. Nobles, where you can see that the Capulets and Assemblies were respected families in that place called Verona fighting to see who is the most respected and powerful between these two families, demonstrating their power to each other and fighting to be the best is therefore the enmity between these two families.

These disputes do not favor the harmony between both families, unleashing worse and worse tragedies, “They fight Tybalt falls” (3.1) together with the death of Mercutio and that of Romeo and Juliet. Another conflict is “When I, th … killed my husband” (3.2.109-112) Juliet has to decide whether she will mourn Tybalt’s death or be glad that her newly discovered husband Romeo is still alive and well. She loves them both, but she has to choose to be able to move on in her life.

So after Tybal Romeo’s death she was stripped of Verona leaving Juliet and Juliet feeling sad, disappointed by what happened “Romeo to comfort you” (3.2.151-152) but she had to feel good since her husband was still “silent monarch a beast was I to chide him! (3.2103) ”, so Juliet investigated a plan which everyone would think would be dead and with Friar Lawrence’s help she would leave with Romeo but for circumstances of life no Romeo could not read that letter, so he thought that Juliet had really died, Romeo thinking about himself going and buying a position of rapid effect which he would take and next to his beloved would be when he arrived where Juliet was he sees her and says “ I descended … roaring be ”(5.5.28-39) taking the position after Romeo dies Juliet wakes up looking for her beloved but he had already died for her, so she could not control the pain she had nailed the dagger to die for second time.

In conclusion, the book of “Romeo and Juliet” shows us how an impossible love leads to tragedy as a consequence and how a love fights and does everything to be with the person who does not love like Romeo and Juliet who for the enmity of their parents they ended up dying, but thanks to this their families left all their enmity aside, their battle of who is better created a statue to remember them and how this love at first sight brought so much tragedy. This shows us how there are families that do not accept the person one loves but each person must fight for what they love regardless of the result since life is one and we have to do what we love taking into account that each action has a reaction , just as love can bring tragedy.


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