Romeo and Juliet vs Arranged Marriage Argumentative Essay

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Romeo and Juliet

The whole story of Romeo and Juliet was based on arranged marriage Juliet’s marriage was arranged by her parents for her but mostly their benefit. she met Romeo and fell in love she wasn’t interested in the man that her parents picked for her in today’s society she and Romeo would have been able to marry because arranged marriages aren’t that common in the United States but in other countries it still a tradition I believe the end result may have been different if they were teenagers today they could’ve gotten married with no objections but who is getting married as a teenager in today’s society that is also rare.

I don’t think a marriage would have worked either they were married within a day was it love or just lust the bottom line is I don’t think it would have worked back then or now Juliet was used to getting waited on hand and foot all of her life Romeo was not he couldn’t give her the lifestyle that she was used to.

Romeo wasn’t old enough to get a job and neither was Juliet I don’t know how they would support themselves I believe back then Juliet’s family would have cut her out when they found out about her marriage to Romeo in today’s society marriage isn’t as popular now as it was then people are staying single longer back then people got married a lot younger and women stayed home to take care of the home and the children today women are more independent they take care of the home, children and go to work I think the play was completely unreasonable the short time that they knew each other today people would think you were insane courtship last a year before they decided to get married they got to know each other places like India, Pakistan or even china still believe in arranged marriages events in the play’s setting would never happen in my hometown because Juliet would not be exposed to males of Romeo’s age, and would not be able to find someone to marry them willingly.

Juliet would not be able to get her parent’s consent for her marriage in order for them to marry legally they would have to be 21 and that is without consent The entire story of Romeo & Juliet is based upon an arranged marriage. And even though arranged marriages can have both good and bad they only experienced the bad happening to Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s parents planned to marry her so it would be good for them.

This made her marriage to the other man no interest in her, and she had no love for him, and it’s the reason she was able to fall in love with Romeo because her heart wasn’t taken by her soon-to-be- husband. Who knows for sure if it could have worked out for the two of them its just a bunch of assumptions and opinions maybe by some miracle.


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How does Juliet feel about this arranged marriage?
Juliet 's father arranging Juliet 's marriage to Paris made her mourning worse , already being married to Romeo yet being separated made her to reason with Friar Laurence. The plan that was supposed to reunite both Lovers indefinetly brought upon their own doom.
Is Juliet interested in an arranged marriage?
No, Juliet is not interested in an arranged marriage. She is in love with Romeo and wants to marry him.
What does Romeo and Juliet say about marriage?
Romeo and Juliet is a story about two young lovers who are forced to marry each other in secret because their families are enemies. The story ends tragically, with both Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives.
Why do Juliet's parents support the arranged marriage?
Some believe that love is the most powerful magic of all because it is the one thing that cannot be destroyed or taken away. In the Harry Potter series, love is what ultimately defeats Voldemort because it is the one thing he cannot understand or destroy.
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