Fear of Losing Scholarship

Updated May 14, 2022

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Fear of Losing Scholarship essay

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Patrick Paul Mrs. Dickson English III period 7 04 October 2018 Overcoming struggles Khalil Gibran once said, “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity”. This book shows us how friendship can be torn apart by the choices we make. Marcus is black and Eddie white, they both live in a small city called Long Island neighborhood and goes to the same high school. Known to all as “Black and White,” they have improved their athletic skills for both football and basketball together and are in the midst of a basketball season headed to the playoffs and offered scholarships to good colleges they love basketball more.

Marcus and Eddie have known each other since they were little kids and does everything together. They both had a similar dream to play college ball together and watch out for one another that is what their friendship was about. Marcus and Eddie are a dynamic mates at the basketball court they learn from each other they have a nickname “Black and White”. Unfortunately, they get the idea to steal money from people in order to get extra cash to buy new sneakers and for a trip, a man accidentally gets shot. Then, as the detectives slowly start to solve the case together they need to decide just what it means to be a good friend. In essence, the character makes the event more entertaining the main characters would be “Black and White,” known as Marcus and Eddie they are both eighteen-years-old and senior at their school. “Black and white” is based on their skin tones Marcus comes from a struggling poor background on a small town at Long Island growing up in the ghetto.

Eddie, on the other hand, comes from a pleasing side on Long Island, his family can provide for themselves, not like Mucus’s family. Marcus and Eddie grow up as best friends anyone can wish for regardless of their ethnic race of Marcus being a less fortunate black boy and Eddie being a white kid from the nicest part of town. Their passion skills involved with basketball pull these two fascinating chracter together throughout the book. My opinion they love each other and would sacrifice anything to play the sport they both love. In every story, there is a time when things go wrong so the end can be good.

The conflict evolves in this story when Marcus and Eddie decided to go out for their last stick up. Eddie and Marcus confront a black man sitting in his car in the parking lot. When this guy does not pushover like the others. Marcus and Eddie live soon take a turn when Eddie accidentally fired at the guy. Eddie is too scared to admit that he shot the man because he could lose the scholarship that he loves. Eddi is puzzled either he will admit that he is the one who shot the gun or whether he will let his friend suffer for the mistake he did. Eddie feels awful about the fact that Marcus is taking the fault for him shooting the man in the robbery while he was the one facing the consequences. However, Eddie does not admit to being the gunman because he already got the scholarship and do not want to miss the opportunity to play college ball.

Eddie has a plenty to lose because he has just taken a scholarship to go play basketball at St. John’s University. In conclusion, Murcas purchases up his family life and signed a deal with the detectives gave him three years in prison. Eddie lawyer was sure that he would walk away innocent. Eddie took the scholarship the minute he had the chance, but his family life would never be the same. Readers know Paul, the author, possibly trying to tell his readers when life is good do not ruin it up but be thankful for your life. Also, Make a choice that doesn’t affect other people live it is best to completely avoid a bad situation because the moment people make a wrong turn you can regret it for the rest of your life. Think about the consequences of the action before you do it. I really enjoyed this book because it was entertaining and had me wonder what was going to happen. This book shows some conflicts that teens face in school and life. The lesson that I learned in this book was that should always be thankful for what we have and be yourself and be responsible for your actions. The theme is whether Eddie and Marcus can overcome the condition that they have brought upon themselves.

Fear of Losing Scholarship essay

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