The Superiority of eBook over Paperback

Updated August 31, 2021

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The Superiority of eBook over Paperback essay

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Nowadays, reading of electronic books is becoming popular. The introducing of electronic books has driven up many publishers to bring out their books in digital and audio versions. The enlargement of technology is the reason behind this phenomenon. Since then, the usage of the textbook for hundreds of years has reduced by the usage of eBooks readers. Despite, conventional readers have preferred the textbooks whereas the digital generation reader preferred the electronic version.

According to the American Association of Publishers (AAP), October 2018 marked the second time of the significant percentage of revenue growth in eBooks (+4.4%) from 2017 to 2018, with sales increased for about $87M while the sales of paperback keeps declining. Moreover, the sales of e-books and audio books at retailing giant Amazon is more than paperback books. Furthermore, transfer to digital version means expanding the literary prospects, giving opportunity to extend the reading time, and enjoying a more minimalistic lifestyle. Those dissimilar ways are the comfort to people, most likely to use in education, and environmentally. All the three reasons of electronic book preference will be expounded in this essay.

Firstly, electronic books have positive influences through changing the reading experience and makes the reader more comfortable. The revolution of digital devices is the main reason behind changing people their habit of reading from a traditional to modernize ways. Pew Research Center did surveye in December 2011 and found that 43% of American age 16 and older have read an e-book and expected the growth of e-books reader would continue to increase.

Based on the Pew Research Center study many readers have debated that the advanced features of e-book have encouraged the reader to support the electronic version. In fact, digital devices are much lighter than standard paperback which effortlessly to carry a variety of books with readers wherever they plan to go. For instance, at home, work, or travel the reader needs to access the eBooks and switch between title with ease of use and no more agonizing about which books to take with him. Additionally, the e-reader has spectacular options to allow the reader to adjust the font size and read in either way landscape or portrait position.

On the other hand, today overseas readers have an option to reach enormous numbers of foreigner books online and downloaded, but before the emergence of electronic versions people who live out of border had faced difficulty to gain books. Furthermore, with digital books, the bookshelf is located at app on a small handheld device such as smartphones or tablets which will save storage space at home and backpack. Besides, paperbacks are required preservation to keep the books save at bookshelf from tearing or moisture as well as the reach of children, but with the e-reader, eBooks are inserted away safely on the cloud app to avoid the damaging anxiety of losing the books. Finally, the abundant features of electronic books are the main factors that make people prefer eBooks than paperback because they feel satisfied and comfortable with the new experiment.

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The Superiority of eBook over Paperback essay

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