The Rainbow of Hope

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The Rainbow of Hope will be a foundation that helps at risk children by providing educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to help them find their purpose in life by working together. It reaches out to kids form low income families and offers them a safe place to receive the help they need. These children face many challenges at school and in their home life. Including bullying, peer pressure, failing in school, little family structure, little support systems at home, and many are being raised in unfavorable circumstances. Rainbow of Hope will help provide children with clothing, food, mentors, and family support by partnering with other community organizations. Rainbow of Hope will make the community a better place and provide a positive impact on the lives of at-risk children, making these children better citizens in the community. Rainbow of Hope will partner with Mission Hope to provide outreach services for more low income and at-risk children in the Hardin County area. Rainbow of Hope and Mission Hope will be changing lives for the future of generations.

Lack of educational support and mentorship is a poverty issue in the Hardin county area. Many at risk kids come from an unstable home life that can impact their future. More kids in Hardin County are affected as many families are involved with Child Protective Services or living in deplorable conditions. Children who do not get the help needed fall developmental behind, are at risk for low cognitive development, and are at risk for incarceration. Often when children live in poverty and struggle they do not become contributors to the economy or society. Children whom lack education cannot further their careers and become prominent members of society. The right education can lift people out of poverty and improve their lives financially,


physically, and mentally. An education creates development, free thinking citizens and promotes better health and well-being. It offers a sense of belonging and kids feel part of a group. Promotes cooperation, support and respect helping kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation and build more confidence. Rainbow of Hope will be a program at the cutting edge of combining education and youth development, creating programs that children want to attend where hands-on, fun creative learning is the norm. There are few places that offer all these services in the area. This program will help expose kids to more interests and not be as involved in risky behavior. Students enrolled in Rainbow of Hope’s program will be provided with tools, skills, and year-round support to help them overcome challenges they face. There are not enough resources to help children receive the help they need due to lack of funding. More people could volunteer their time and more community partners could pull together to help with the challenges facing children. There are simply not enough resources to go around and help children and families.

There are many characteristics that can help enhance the quality of the Hardin County community some that stood out are. Comfort children want to know there is someone there who they can turn to for help and is a positive influence in their lives. Security children need a sense of security in their life to feel safe, many children do not have a sense of security in their home life due to unfortunate circumstances. Especially if child protective services are involved and the children have been removed from the home. Understanding it is important for children to have an understanding of their life, education, resources, and a sense of the community in which they live. Children need a sense of their belonging and where they fit in.

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