The Professional Leaders Upholding The Army Ethic and Values

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the meaning of being a professional Sergeant in the Army. The Financial Management (FM) need to live the Army values, and Ethic when performing our job. We need to show confidence and professionalism to be trusted by the Soldiers we help and our leadership. We need to mentor and train the new Soldiers for them to acquire a better knowledge and perform their duties without compromising their job. We need to be read as Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) since our Soldiers look to us as their role. Maintain our discipline and respect our surrounds is an obligation to be successful. The morale in our workplace must be high in which keep all personnel productive, and all duties flowing as expected. We need to embrace the challenge as a leader, or as a person and respect the Oath we signed to protect our country.

A professional person must have a standard of qualities in which set them apart in a different level from everybody else. We need to provide a unique personality, and knowledge to earn the trust of society. The Army is a professional organization full of competence, and commitment to our people. ‘Army professionals are stewards of the Army profession, living by and upholding the moral principles of the Army Ethic’ (ADRP1, 2015, p. 1-1). We need to be careful and good with numbers at work since as a Financial Management Technician (36B) we must deal with the budget, payments, disbursing, and etc.

Professionalism means a combination of attributes that we develop during our experience, typically at work. For example, follow and obey rules and procedures, be responsible, competent, honest and respect everyone around us. We need to make sure the society see us as a model, as someone they can trust, and as an inspiration to them. We need to perform our job taking in consideration our obligation as a professional person, and understanding our responsibility in the Army for what we do.

As a military, we must be professional constantly since society looks to ourselves as the most professional institution, the people who represent and protect our country. We need to keep practicing, training, and studying to develop more knowledge to apply our experience on society’s behalf. We need to guide and watch ourselves to make sure we always maintain the standard expected from us. The Army Ethic is provided by the moral basis from the Soldiers and Civilians living in the Army Values, showing and proving to our society the reason the Army exists.

The combination of respect and professionalism to our leaders and subordinates proves to everybody how professional, trained, and loyal we are to the Army and to the American people who put their trust on us. The Army is made to protect and assist our society, their freedom, and to contribute with our power to make our country a better place to live. The job we do to the Army demonstrating our commitment, and professionalism reinforces the trust our leaders, and the American people have put on us. The values perceived by a characteristic of an individual or an organization.

We need to live the Army values to be successful in our career, be loyal, respect everyone around us, treat everybody equals, and be honorable to our service. It is essential we make what is right and take the right actions to accomplish our mission. Our role as a Financial Management (FM) is not just to be accounted for the budget, to make sure all Soldiers are getting paid or getting deducted, to take care of the financial report, the vouchers, but also, to be committed to our duties, develop and perform our obligations as a professional leader. We must train and assist our Soldiers to become an expert within the work environment. We need to work as a team to avoid mistakes and provide the best service to the Army.

In conclusion, as an NCO, We are responsible and accountable for our Soldiers, the institution we represent, and for the job we perform. In order to maintain a standard in the Army, we need to make sure our Soldier is fully ready to become a leader and make our country pride for what they do. As a reflection for the institution I represent by the work I do, it requires from me a lot of determination, dedication, follow the rules and the Army values. I need to seek guidance and knowledge to get better every day to perform my duties as a professional leader.


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