The Negative Side of the Human Race

Updated August 1, 2022

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The Negative Side of the Human Race essay

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Society in today’s culture is a direct reflection on the nature of the human race. Throughout history, the true nature of humans has been evident. Human nature is evil, full of corruption and hate, which drives the primitive response in all of us. It is very clear to see the nature of humans is meant to be bad. For example, look at all the hate and violence we experience on a daily basis. Wars go on constantly and racism affects many people every second. The society we live in shows us that these things are caused by our true selves. Racism is a large factor in the statement of bad nature. In the culture that humans live in, it is normal for a person to be looked down upon or reprimanded for being of a different ethnicity or skin color. Not only is this seen from white people, but others as well. Discrimination, generally speaking, is something people have inside them, and although you may not say something aloud, it is still wrong. The kid in class that bothers you because they are dark skinned, your co-worker who is Muslim, anything that would cause you to believe that someone is bad because they are not like you is being somewhat discriminative.

Discrimination and racism is not something a person is born with, rather something they were taught by the society we live in. We were the ones who taught society to act as it is, and as a result, we form the humans true nature of evil from their birth. When a child is born into this world, it is born into a world of hatred and spite, and at such a young age, they are too easily susceptible to the works of society. Of course, any thing that is taught can be untaught, but it would take a world of change that is very unlikely to do so. Bobby Seale once said that “ You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.”, But in my understanding, solidarity is something that, in today’s standards, appears impossible, as there is a rift between people that there was not 100 years. Looking back on all history, war is shown throughout. From hand to hand combat in the early years to present day, war has progressed to a level of severity beyond what it should be. War is a true sign of the primitive instincts in man.

The idea of war in general covers almost every key point on the nature of man. For example, battles such as the Crusades were fought for religion. Hatred is shown in all wars, and the primitive desire of bloodlust is evident. The large scales wars that occur today include most, if not all of the evils man possesses. Fighting between nations causes a larger divide between our world. Man cannot stop the conflict between nations, similar to war. War is inevitable, an unstoppable force that is awakened when conflict arises. War is a being of destruction, meant to tear apart humans who should live in harmony. It is the underlying force that brings the divide and evil between great nations. In an article written on Daily Mail, a scene of gory executions were mentioned, and how “men accused of being US spies are filmed having their throats cut in a slaughter house in Deir ez-Zor, north-eastern Syria.” (Julian Robinson 1) which shows the extremity of the violent acts of war that we face daily. In essence, a history of violence has led to a scale of evil that was not intended or thought to exist. Selfishness plays a large role in the evil of human nature. Selfish acts and prideful mindsets are a major point in the divide between people on a personal level. Common belief is that in each human, a feeling of selfish nature stirs within.

We as humans can not deny wanting something all to ourselves. Regardless of the object, that native instinct is within all of us. Pride, similar to selfish acts, are evident in daily life. A person can feel great about themselves and be completely prideful. Not to say all times of pride are bad, but show the underlying cause of our true nature. On the other hand, the resilience the world has shown in response to all the bad, proves there could be a true good in human nature. Perhaps the unity that brings everyone together in a time of need and desperation is a reaction triggered by this very instinct: An instinct of love and compassion. These features are said by some to be what show the good in human nature, and that the bad is because of the society we live in. If this were true, society would have stripped away every last bit of compassion and love from each and every person on this planet. The evil nature of humans is proven daily, seen daily, and done daily. Nobody can deny such strong emotions like greed or selfishness. Everyone is a victim of being prideful. The day to day routines bring out primitive and natural reactions to situations such as bloodlust. Human nature is bad, and our history proves it.

The Negative Side of the Human Race essay

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