The Medal of Honor

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What is it Medal of Honor

It is the highest medal/award that a person in the military can earn. A person earns this by risking their life and doing more than just their job to protect/help people

What is the Significance

  • The Original Design
  • A star that has 5 points on it and is turned upside down
  • A mixture of Oak Clusters and Laurel Leaves Clusters were put on all 5 points
  • The meaning is strength and victory

Medal of Honor – Army

  • 1861 is when this was first given out and it was actually earned by marines and sailors
  • 1862 is when soldiers in the army started to earn it
  • 3,400 people have earned it since then including people in the coast guard
  • Is only given to people who are braver than everyone else but the act of bravery that the person has committed, has to be recorded/documented in order for it to count.

Medal of Honor – Air Force

  • People in the Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces were put down as Army
  • This was done for the people before 1948
  • The most up to date one is from the year 1965

People have been awarded this in the Army

  • Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins
  • Lt. Col. Charles Kettles
  • Sgt. Henry Johnson
  • Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith
  • Staff Sgt. Ty Michael Carter

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