The Main American Values: Order, Freedom, and Equality

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Balance. A noun whose definition states, “a condicion in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions’. Balance is something that is often thrown to the side or disregarded because it is sometimes thought to be unimportant. However, we need balance in everything. To elaborate, some of che things that need to be balanced the most include power, knowledge, government, and everyday chings that can be justified from right and wrong. If we do not balance these types of things, the end result could be very problematic, and possibly resulting in chaos.

There are many things that should and need to be balanced, such as freedom, order, and equality, which are common values that American citizens must have. The debate is over which single value is the most critical, and essential one to possess as a U.S. cicizen. Each of these rights that a citizen should have are each individually important to own, such as having the freedom to do things, or say what you would like. Having freedom is like having you own private government inside of your own head that navigates you through life. So, if you have the all of the freedom to do something, why nor do it? That is a question thar floats around in your head all throughout your lifetime that could sometimes cause you to end up in some appalling situations if you are not careful.

On the other hand, having independence is a very valuable right to obtain and can help a person convey a thought or some type of feeling. People who work for their own freedom as citizens are some are someone who you should respect and look up to. One of the most popular human rights activists was De. Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for the freedoms of African Americans throughout his life.

Another value that is crucial to bear as a person is order. Having order in a civilization is a logical ching to do. The government in most sociecies creates some type of order that will demonstrate to an individual or group how to act. Having rules to follow in a community is key to making sure that everyone is following the flow of how to live in a functional environment. Without order, many proper establishments would collapse as far as how they would function. Someone who comes into mind when the topic of order is brought up is Sandra Day O’Connor, who was the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice. O’Connor proved to the world that not only could women take a stand, bue women could take a stand and serve in the highest court of the country, along with keeping the order of our nation in line.

The final value that supports the structure of a society is equality. Some of the most popular representations of equality consists of a human’s sexuality, ethnicity, gender, religion, along with many other things that other people use to classify someone. Equality is a value that must stay alive due to Neo equality being one of the top reasons that humans have went through the Civil Rights Movement, the many protests regarding the LGBT community or the suffering that women faced from the beginning of time to present day America.

The Women’s Rights portion of the topic of equality is arguably the most interesting issue that women were and still are- facing. This includes the ideas of how women could not get a credit card without consent from her husband in the 1960s, how they couldn’t vote until the 1920s, how women couldn’t serve on a jury until 1919, and many more ignorant visions that were emplaced into our society’s mind that were then given to me. Even when laws were placed that stated that women could do these chings, discriminacion was brought against the ideas of Women’s Rights.

Equality is about everyone wanting to be… well, equal. In her September 20, 2014 speech to the UN regarding the topic of gender equality, Emma Watson discussed how throughout her lifecime, people changed regarding how they believed women should appear and act. ‘When at 14 I started being sexualized by certain elements of the press. When at 15 my girlfriends started dropping out of their sports teams because they didn’t want to appear‘muscly.’ When at 18 my male friends were ere unable to express their feelings.’, Wacson said this with passion as she addressed the press at the UN about how gender roles and stereotypes must come to an end. Many people throughout history have spoken against discrimination, but what does this word really mean?

Discrimination is something that stops people from doing what they love. Discrimination is stating that one person cannot do a rask or have work because of what they look like, act like, feel like, or even sound like. Discrimination is an idea that not everyone is equal to one another. Discrimination is something that is entirely wrong and is a flaw to the whole idea of the United States of America. The U.S. was a place that was built around the idea that anybody is welcome and chat anyone can do whatever they would like to do.

Though all three values of order, freedom, and equality are individually important, it is hard to judge which one is more superior to the others. With this being said, they all are tied together. Just like you cannot have an ocean without water, you cannot have order without knowing that everyone is equal, or you cannot have equality without lecting everyone be free of the world’s stereotypes, and you cannot have freedom without knowing that you must obey the order of the community that you live in. All in all, having all three values as a whole instead of individual ideas of how society should behave is a much more powerful and well-builc idea of how the world should function.

Nonetheless, each unaccompanied value should be practiced to work towards the goal of having a functioning life. Rosa Parks, an African American Civil Rights Activist, once said, ‘I would like to be known as a person that is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.’ which all around supports the idea that all of these values are merged together to create one big value that having the freedom to do something goes along with not letting who you’re classified as by other people stop you from keeping the order of the world, or in other words, balancing all of the values to keep the world all tied together.

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