The Hate You Give

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Gives us better understanding of the real reason we live.

Constantly fighting for change

But the only thing we get in return is dead brothers and overdue bills

Yeah all lives matter so don’t get me wrong

It’s just that the blacks been the ones suffering all along

We Want An Immediate End To

Police Brutality And Murder Of Black People.

The Black Panther 10 point program

Point 7

They say slavery was abolished and that they feel our pain

But it’s all just a scam

Last name Lincoln

First name Abraham

It’s people like him who give us false hope, man damn.

King once said “Be True To What You Said On Paper”

We grow up being taught one thing

Last time I checked we’re all American and I think I’ve found the traitor

That’s a lot to fit on your plate but it’s my job to fill you with knowledge, I’m like a literary waiter

Preaching to the choirs of what’s soon to come, Today is great. But tomorrow will be even greater

Let’s put this on hold, we can talk about this a little later

With liberty and justice for all—wait wait wait, justice for who? You mean our “so called protectors” that are dressed in blue?

Justice is for the ones who infiltrate the minds of my brothers

While being smothered

With hopes and lies

Telling us as each and every day goes by

That we shouldn’t feed into the nonsense and that racism is not true and that slavery was a choice and that we’re bad for being dark And that—

Yeah you know what I’m talking about

You get mad when we speak the truth

But you know—

You been knew

We been suffering for so many years

Black people in chains struggling to pay the bills

Scared to walk through the streets of my hood

We walk in chills

Accused of whistling at some woman

RIP to my boy Emmet Till

I didn’t really know if I should put this down on paper

What would happen if they knew

That bullet would be going through

My skull

My heart

My back

All because the color of my skin is black

I sit back

In silence and never speak unless told to speak

But it’s time for a change

It’s time to get up. Speak up. And follow my dreams.

BLACK LIVES MATTER is what we constantly scream

Whenever the ones that look like us get pinned down to the ground labeled armed and dangerous just because we were born with the skin tone of brown. Walking around the block police fail to hesitate and shoot because he thought it was a glock.

It amazes me how one part of the nation can live until their hair turns gray

But other areas can’t walk out the house without dropping to their knees to pray

Once we die we will see a better day

For christ will soon come again, taking all evil away

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