The Growth In Competition

Updated May 11, 2022

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The Growth In Competition essay

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The growth in competition coupled with the internationalization of companies has put significant stress on company’s strategies; to find the best mix of local and international strategies capable of gaining sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Whilst a number of key factors must be considered in the company’s quest to move into international markets, Lawrence strategy focused on its location of industry solely on economic and technological forces of the Scottish market as well as the language, ignoring other key factors such as the political and the broader socio-cultural as well as legal factors that may affect the success of its strategy. Towards this end, Lawrence must consider the following factors should the company intend staying in the market.

Firstly, the company must seek for localization of its brand in the Scottish market because of their antagonistic, hard-to-work-with, as well as paternalistic nature of the government. This process of localizing its strategy should provide the opportunity for Lawrence to factors the ley cultural, political and legal forces into its strategy, and avoid the necessary hostilities from the media as well as other local authorities.

Secondly, the company’s focus or unified strategy that has been geared towards the English speaking population of Scotland has created a source of mistrust by the Scottish speaking population, causing them to look at the company with disdain and apathy. Lawrence pursuit of this strategy might have worked in other parts of the world, but the case suggests that this strategy is not appropriate and welcome by the Scottish population. In line with this, the efforts towards market reach must seek to localize this strategy by communicating both in Scottish and English on the various marketing fronts to ensure that this level of mistrust from the locals is wiped away.

Also, a promise of safety in terms of delivering marketing strategy is critically important, and must be communicated effectively and clearly for a business like that of Lawrence. Promise of reward and compensation of injury, quality certification of its offering, and getting available health aids within the premises of its offering is critically necessary in assuring customers about the company’s product safety. This will therefore put significant trust in the business on the part of the customers.

Conduct a PEST analysis to determine the viability of Scotland and the additional locations in Europe (Germany, France and Holland)

PEST is an acronym for assessing the Political, Economic, Social and Technological forces that affects a particular market. Accordingly, the PEST analysis allows a Company to look into the future and identify potential obstacles well in advance so that they can be planned for and avoided should they occur. From the case study provided so far, table 2.0 highlights the PEST frame within Scotland and the additional location in Europe.

The Growth In Competition essay

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